What are the best ways to prevent cancer?

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By: Ann Silberman

From: quora.com


All these people saying yes, and pointing excitedly to food, vitamins, or lifestyle are forgetting that cancer has been around for millennia. Cancer has been found in Egyptian mummies. Ancient Egyptians certainly ate healthy, they didn’t use plastic, they didn’t have pharmaceuticals companies-and they got cancer and died.

Cancer is also found in the bones of dinosaurs. They are a natural diet, they weren’t gulping candy.

Cancer is caused by a mutation in a cell. We have millions of cells in our bodies, but all it takes one mutation that isn’t cleared away. What causes that mutation, which is unique and different in all cancers?

Nobody knows. Maybe it was that cigarette you were addicted to, but some people smoke for 70 years and don’t get cancer. Maybe it was a poor diet but most people have poor diets and don’t get disease, and many have great diets who do. It might be that when you were a baby, your mother lifted you out of your crib by a window, just as a bit of radiation from a long dead star passed, and it went through you, causing a mutation that 40 years later would give you cancer.

It is folly to believe one can control the uncontrollable or know the unknowable.

Someday, maybe there will be a way to prevent cancer but we are a long, long way from that.

Of course, there are cancer risks, including a bad diet, too much sun, getting fat. But those things are only risks, not guarantees. At this point in time, there is no way to know what causes cancer and anybody who says different is peddling woo.