WEGO Health: Paid Opportunity for Breast Cancer Patients

In Paid Opportunities For The Cancer Community by Barbara Jacoby


WEGO Health is currently working on an upcoming paid opportunity for patients in the breast cancer space. We’d love to hear more about your experience as we work on forming this opportunity with this 5-minute survey. Thank you in advance for your time and eagerness to collaborate! 


  • 5-minute survey
  • Only US citizens
Qualified and verified applicants will be contacted for an upcoming paid opportunity of $500, as well as future paid collaboration opportunities.

Who is WEGO Health?

WEGO Health is a mission-driven company that’s committed to raising the patient voice by providing patient leaders – anyone who’s sharing their health story, working to raise awareness, or better the patient experience – opportunities to connect with healthcare. If you’re interested in more paid opportunities, free advocacy courses, and the ability to connect with thousands of fellow patient advocates – we encourage you to join the community today!