Tigerlily Foundation Launches a New Web Series, BREATHE Tv on FacebookLive

In In The News by Barbara Jacoby

Tigerlily Foundation in partnership with Puma Biotechnology, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of BREATHE Tv. BREATHE Tv is a sacred space, an educational and inspirational breast cancer lifestyle television series that brings together patients and providers in a space of purpose, while engaging in authentic and meaningful conversations about cancer.

The first episode of BREATHE Tv launched on Friday, January 29, 2021 on Tigerlily’s Facebook page. The series is hosted by Maimah Karmo, Breast Cancer Survivor & Founder of Tigerlily Foundation.

A cancer diagnosis can feel overwhelming. In an instant, you’re thrust into a world that is completely foreign to you, without an anchor and oftentimes without a guide. In this first episode “From “Fearful to Fearless – Getting Educated About Your Cancer,” Ines Rodriguez, Breast Cancer Survivor and Clinical Nurse Educator, Puma Biotechnology, does what she does best – talking about the importance of helping patients understand their treatment options and journey. Ines and Tigerlily Foundation ANGEL advocate Na’Diah Smith, an early-stage breast cancer warrior, and Tori Gieb, a metastatic breast cancer (mBC) advocate share challenges they experienced, what helped them to better understand their diagnosis and “right for me” treatment options. We are also joined by Patient Mentor, Edwina Lantigua, Puma Biotechnology, who shares her experiences working with young women diagnosed with breast cancer. Patients need reliable treatment information and research updates from sources they trust. This episode helps to educate, inspire and build community, so no one thinks they’re alone. As a takeaway we are excited to provide our community with an early breast cancer (eBC) planning guide, empowering patients to become their own best advocates about their health.

Episode 2 of Tigerlily’s BREATHE Tv aired on Thursday February 11, 2021 and is titled, “Know Your Body/Know Your Patient.” Talk with ANGEL Advocate Temi Omaghomi and Dr. Lori Wilson, Chief, Surgical Oncology and Associate Professor Howard University College of Medicine, about the medical challenges and barriers experienced by Black women. Join Dr. Lori Wilson along with BREATHE special guests to learn important insights on the unique needs of Black women and the importance of providing equitable healthcare and support – including ensuring that all patients feel comfortable with having supportive dialogue with their doctors. Tigerlily is excited to provide their community with a downloadable handout on “Questions to Ask Your Doctor” (PDF), for both early stage and metastatic breast cancer patients, to guide them in their healthcare journey and a “Tele-Health Tip Sheet for Healthcare Providers” (PDF), to guide them to be compassionate providers and see their patients not only as patients but as people.

Episode 3 will discuss “Navigating Treatments and the Plan of Care.” This episode will air on Thursday February 25, 2021 and will focus on discussing your treatment plan and the plan of care supporting your unique needs as a breast cancer patient. We will dive into the side effects of treatments and ways to work through them. They also discuss the fear of recurrence and metastatic breast cancer. They’ll also talk about the importance of clinical trials, fears around medical mistrust within the Black community, what to know and how to get engaged. Their special guests are Shonte Drakeford, Tigerlily MBC ANGEL Advocate, Nurse Navigator, Sonya Gallaway, Nurse Practitioner, Medical Science Liaison, Puma Biotechnology and Aliya Whipple, Breast Cancer & Tigerlily ANGEL Advocate. As a takeaway for this episode we will be providing our community with a BREATHE Treatment Journal to help patients navigate treatments.

Episode 4, “Time for Transformation,” will air live on Facebook on Thursday March 11, 2021. Cancer takes an emotional and mental toll on you, your family and caregivers and this can have lasting impact. In the final episode of BREATHE Tv, Season 1, special guests are Tigerlily ANGEL advocate Patricia Fox (eBC) advocate, Tigerlily ANGEL advocate (eBC), Tajuna Bradley, Tameika Powell, MBC Disparities Tigerlily ANGEL Advocate, Nurse Practitioner, Georgia Cancer Specialists, Esther Boykin, Licensed Therapist and Bruce Vanhorn, Life Coach and Tigerlily Chief Transformational Officer. Guests will talk about surviving and thriving during and after cancer. They will also dig into the impact cancer has on mental and emotional health, anxiety, depression, stress and post-traumatic stress disorder. Patients learn where and how to get the help they need. This episode focuses on holistic approaches, opening up and transforming through the trauma of one’s diagnosis. After the episode airs, the Tigerlily Foundation community will have access to a BREATHE Empowerment Worksheet to help you transform and visualize a healthy future.

For more information about BREATHE Tv: www.tigerlilyfoundation.org/programs/breathetv/

Tigerlily Foundation’s mission is to educate, empower, support, and advocate for young women ages 15 to 45 before, during, and after breast cancer. Tigerlily’s vision is to end disparities of age, stage and color. Visit http://tigerlilyfoundation.org, follow on Twitter @TigerlilyCares, on Instagram at Tigerlily Foundation and on Facebook at TigerlilyFoundation.