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Start-up Thriveosity™ recently launched its innovative subscription-model box, designed as a gift option for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers to help support them along the path toward becoming thrivers. Thrivers are those who flourish with unbending resilience in the face of adversity. “When someone is diagnosed with cancer, the disruption to daily life is clear—both the illness and the treatments can adversely affect the mind and body, which in turn can diminish the spirit,” says Thriveosity founder and CEO Dr. Ritu Trivedi-Purohit. “I created Thriveosity to boost an individual’s spirits while providing the necessary tools needed to survive, and thrive, beyond a cancer diagnosis.”

Thriveosity is a tangible, practical and caring way for loved ones to offer support to thrivers throughout their journeys. “After a diagnosis it’s not unusual for a patient’s loved ones to wonder and repeatedly ask how they can help,” says Trivedi-Purohit, whose early work at Loyola University’s Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center inspired her to create Thriveosity. “In addition to providing meals or transportation to treatment, friends and family can also arrange delivery of a monthly Thriveosity care package that contains what thrivers need to navigate their way to recovery.

According to an analysis by the Journal of the American Medical Associations’ JAMA Oncology, lifestyle factors are associated with nearly 40 percent of cancers, underscoring the importance of living a healthy life. “At Thriveosity, we want to make living a cleaner, healthier lifestyle easier, so every product that goes into our boxes is free from carcinogens and other negative elements,” adds Trivedi-Purohit.

Each Thriveosity care package is carefully filled with hand-selected products, all of which contribute to healing across the whole person, mind, body and spirit. This mindful curation of each box is what sets Thriveosity apart from the competition, whether it be other subscription boxes, get-well gifts or cancer-related products. “Additionally, oncology treatments are still primarily focused on the patient’s medical condition,” notes Trivedi-Purohit.

“Thriveosity subscription boxes focus on an individual’s spirit and self-care to close that gap and nourish the whole person.” Each month, the Thriveosity box will include products across these five categories: 1) Skincare, including personal skin care products formulated to provide a little luxury and promote self-care while helping to combat some of the symptoms from the treatment of cancer, like rashes, flaking and peeling; 2) Cognition, including brain games and intellectual stimulation designed to strengthen and sharpen essential skills while helping to combat isolation and boredom through fun and play; 3) Aromatherapy, including delightful—though not overwhelming—scents and essential oils formulated to please the senses while stimulating improvement and supportive care of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing; 4) Nutrition, including healthy and delicious artisanal food products from the best growers/producers that please the palette while nourishing the body with the nutrients it needs to stay strong during cancer treatment; 5) Basics, including natural, holistic and organic products, free from toxic chemicals using only the purest ingredients, expertly tested and designed to promote self-care, health and wellbeing; and that meet a variety of needs of someone living with cancer.

Thriveosity offers three subscription plans—one month, three months, and six months. The longer-term subscriptions are a perfect solution for friends and family who want to collectively show their support. From well-loved essentials to emerging brands, each package contains carefully hand-selected products designed to support the recipient’s journey toward recovery and thrivership. Boxes are available for men, women, caregivers, teens, boys, and girls. A portion of every single box sold will be donated to stand-out organizations in order to help them impact contribution to research, patient education and advocacy.

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About Thriveosity Launched in 2016, Thriveosity is a much needed subscription-based gift service for patients to help them manage side effects of treatment, foster recovery and heal their soul, while providing loved ones with insight on what will be beneficial to their loved ones as they face cancer. The start-up was launched by Dr. Ritu Trivedi-Purohit, a clinical psychologist working with people impacted by a cancer diagnosis. Since 2005, she has assisted individuals and families navigate treatment, survivorship and thrivership. She believes that they have taught her much about life, courage and living purposefully.