The Caring Band App: Providing Emotional Support and Inspiration

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How many times have you found yourself in a position where you were faced with a situation wherein a family member or friend was going through a difficult time after a cancer diagnosis, a treatment protocol, a catastrophic accident or incident or even a death and you were at a loss for words. Despite our best efforts, we just don’t know what to say or do. Such was the situation for Lindsay Donaldson when faced with supporting her mother through her cancer journey. As a result, from her own experience, she discovered a need for a one-way communication to support and inspire her mother that would alleviate the pressure on her mother to feel the need to respond to texts, emails, and other forms of traditional communication. From this need, the CaringBand App was created to send real time, preset messages like “You got this!”, “Thinking about you”, “Praying for you” etc., to that person whenever thoughts of them cross your mind.

No matter what you choose, having the ability to send messages to those who are in need of your support and/or inspiration is so important. Barbara Jacoby

The FREE CaringBand app is now available for download Iphone and Android. Your messages of encouragement can be sent with ease, frequency, and free of pressure for the person receiving the encouragement to respond back to you. And by using any of the sharing features found on the personal profile that you create, you can text, email, or post to social media the person that you wish to encourage. From there, you are also able to share with your family, close friends, coworkers, or on your social media platforms in order to lead others directly to the CaringBand app.

The Caring Band app was created to be used with The CaringBand Light-Up Bracelet if you choose. When you give someone a CaringBand Light-Up Bracelet, they can simply pair the bracelet with their smartphone and turn on notifications for the CaringBand App. Throughout the day, they will be uplifted each time their CaringBand bracelet lights up and/or vibrates when a message is sent through the app and the recipient will know that someone is thinking positive thoughts about them at that particular time.

The bracelet is in the pilot phase of testing right now and will be available for pre-order soon. When you visit the Caring Band website, you can provide your email address to receive updates on the timing of its availability as well as information on ways you can help bring CaringBand to life.

No matter what you choose, having the ability to send messages to those who are in need of your support and/or inspiration is so important. We have all found ourselves in such a position to have the desire to do this but hesitated because we did not want to disturb someone or have the recipient think that they needed to respond. This app allows for us to let someone know in our own time that we are there for them without disturbing them in the middle of a chemotherapy infusion or while they may be sleeping in the middle of the afternoon because they were unable to do so the night before. What a wonderful way to let someone know that they are not alone regardless of where they are or what they are doing without interrupting their schedule – and it is FREE for the simple download of the app or can be enhanced with an interactive bracelet in the near future.

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