The 9/11 Reminder to Enjoy Every Day

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With the anniversary of September 11th on the horizon, I can’t help but reflect upon all of those people who lost their lives and all of those who lost loved ones that day. It also reminded me about how we so often take for granted the lives that we have and how it is so easy not to appreciate each and every day for what it brings to us. It also reminded me about how we treat one another and how we get so wrapped up in everything else in our lives except for a true appreciation for those people who are in our lives.

For me, I want this anniversary to represent the best of what we all do to help each other in times of trouble.Barbara Jacoby

What if our world were to end today! Would we be happy for the way we treated those around us? Were the last words that we said to someone else something that we were glad that we shared? Would we be happy with how we lived our own last day?

I don’t know about anyone else but to me, 9/11 does not stand for politics or religion or anger and hatred toward others. Those things are such a sad commentary to include in remembering all of those people who were innocent victims and those who gave their lives trying to help others. For me, I want this anniversary to represent the best of what we all do to help each other in times of trouble. I want it to represent how we come together in a crisis and pray and love and give whatever we have and whatever we are in order to ease the pains of someone else. And I also want it to serve as a reminder that we are not promised anything more than this moment.

I know that if this were my last day, I would have no regrets. I have gotten a few things done for tomorrow but that has not been my focus. I appreciate this most gorgeous day and wonder at all of the beautiful things that God has created all around us. I am enjoying the time that I get to spend with my husband and while I am sitting here sharing with you, I am also watching a football game which is one of my favorite relaxations on weekends. I appreciate what I have, what I have accomplished and know that the dreams that I wish to fulfill have nothing to do with building a fortune or amassing a pile of stuff. I feel so fortunate for my life and for all of the people that are in it.

So if I am given tomorrow, I will be ready to pursue those dreams, do the very best job that I can with my work, love my husband just a little bit more and appreciate those around me from whom I can continue to learn so much and with whom I can share so much. And as I remember 9/11 and each and every other special day throughout the year, I do hope that I will appreciate all of the opportunities that come my way. But more importantly, I hope that I am always grateful for every single person that I am fortunate enough to meet and know. And for all of you who are already in my life, thank you for everything that we share. You make my life so much better for your being a part of all that I am and all that I do.