Texas House Passes HB 1036 – 3-D Mammography Coverage

In In The News by Barbara Jacoby

  • Texas House Bill 1036 passed the House of Representatives with strong support today. The bill will now proceed to the Texas Senate for a vote. The bill passed unanimously through the state’s Insurance Committee earlier this month.

If the bill is passed by the Texas Senate and signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott into law, it will require all commercial insurance providers in Texas to cover 3-D mammography™, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis, for breast cancer screening and diagnosis at no additional cost to the patient – just like insurers now cover 2-D mammography screenings.

House Bill 1036 was introduced on Jan. 1 by Texas Rep. Senfronia Thompson (D-Houston).

“We applaud the Texas House of Representatives and Rep. Thompson for taking a stand on women’s breast health and passing HB 1036. We are one step closer for the women of Texas to have peace of mind that their 3-D mammograms, the most advanced form of screening available, will be covered by insurance,” commented James Polfreman, president and CEO of Solis Mammography. “This is step one of a three-step process, but Texas is headed in the right direction.”

If signed into law, Texas will become the sixth state to have similar legislation in place for insurers to treat all screening mammography (2-D and 3-D) the same – at no extra cost to patients. Texas now joins Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Arkansas.

3-D mammography is a more advanced form of breast screening. It helps patients avoid unnecessary callbacks for more tests, and improves detection of breast cancer in the early stages of the disease when survival rates are highest.

“We encourage Texas women to reach out to their state senator and ask for their support,” said Polfreman.

For more information on HB1036, visit Texans for Breast Health.  Advocates for the bill can sign up to receive regular updates on its progress and/or how they can get involved to join in the fight for equal access to the best mammography screening available.


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