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Data Presented at ESMO Provides Rationale for Clinical Trial of Onvansertib in Subset of Patients with Highly-Aggressive Triple Negative Breast Cancer

In Clinical Trials by Barbara Jacoby

From: – Significant tumor regression observed with onvansertib in combination with standard-of-care paclitaxel in models of p53-mutated TNBC – Onvansertib preclinical data provides rationale for clinical trial targeting the 80% of TNBC that harbors the p53 mutation – Combination has potential to address critical medical need to provide targeted treatment option to overcome resistance to paclitaxel as single agent …

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Unraveling why some people get not one, not two, but many cancers

In In The News by Barbara Jacoby

By: Marlene Cimons From: Noelle Johnson, 42, was diagnosed with her first cancer — a soft tissue sarcoma under her right arm — in 1999 when she was 21. In 2013, her physicians found six different cancers in her breasts. In the years that followed, surgeons discovered and removed numerous masses they deemed “premalignant” from her ovary, her uterus, …