Student Athlete Moving Company Launches Nonprofit to End DV

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Already Backed by Nation’s Leading Domestic Violence Partner, #MoveToEndDV Encourages and Inspires Businesses Globally to Donate Products and Services to Domestic Violence Victims, Survivors and Shelters

Meathead Movers, the leading California-based student athlete moving company, is proud to announce that #MoveToEndDV is officially launching as a nonprofit organization aimed to help shelters and individuals around the world facing domestic violence situations. What began as a community service provided by Meathead Movers to move victims of domestic violence for free quickly became an international movement to encourage and inspire businesses around the globe to step up and provide free products and services to shelters, victims and survivors of domestic violence. To best serve the needs of businesses, shelters, victims and survivors, Meathead Movers took its movement a giant step forward and has now established a nonprofit, known as #MoveToEndDV. Its mission: encourage at least 10,000 businesses across the globe to pledge free products and/or services for domestic violence shelters, victims and survivors to help put an end to domestic abuse once and for all.

“On the heels of the international attention we received for our free moving program, and in light of the growing cases of domestic violence and requests from businesses to get involved, we knew our efforts were so much more than what our company is doing,” said Aaron Steed, CEO of Meathead Movers and co-founder of #MoveToEndDV. “With our official nonprofit, we’re able to support businesses all over the world in their desire to give back, and connect our volunteer Ambassadors to shelters and businesses that need them.”

With the launch of the nonprofit comes the introduction of the volunteer Ambassador program. The program aims to send #MoveToEndDV-vetted Ambassadors into their communities to obtain a list of needs from the shelters, and fulfill those needs by connecting shelters with pledging businesses.

An early supporter of the #MoveToEndDV organization is the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). Through its partnership, NCADV provides training and resources to #MoveToEndDV staff, Ambassadors and pledging businesses to ensure the needs of shelters, victims and survivors of domestic violence are met. Both organizations will work together through speaking engagements, awareness events, advocacy, and policy changes to further the support of victims and survivors of domestic violence.

Corporations interested in joining the movement through sponsorship opportunities are encouraged to contact For more information about the #MoveToEndDV campaign and to learn how to get involved as a pledging business, Ambassador volunteer, or donor, visit

About #MoveToEndDV

Founded by Meathead Movers, a for-profit student athlete moving company that provides free moving services to victims of domestic violence, #MoveToEndDV’s mission is to encourage 10,000 businesses all over the world to donate free products or services to shelters, victims and survivors of domestic violence. By connecting shelters and businesses all over the world, #MoveToEndDV aims to change the way communities respond to domestic violence situations, help victims and survivors to start a new life through comprehensive community support, and help put an end to abuse once and for all.