Stage four cancer now undetectable in man after trial treatment

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A Phoenix man with pancreatic cancer, who was told he only had months to live, says he has been given a second chance at life.

Phil Zeblisky, a 57-year-old, says doctors at two cancer centers considered his stage four pancreatic cancer a death sentence.

“When you’re given that kind of diagnosis, you need to put meaning into your life,” Zeblisky told 3TV.

He enrolled in a clinical trial at the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center, which is part of the Scottsdale Healthcare Network, thinking he could at least help the doctors there with their research.

After nearly six months of treatments, Zeblisky’s cancer is undetectable on scans.

“It’s amazing,” Zeblisky said.

Dr. Erkut Borazanci developed an individualized therapy for Zeblisky, using genetics and a unique drug combination.

“We try to best fit an individual’s cancer to a clinical trial and therapy,” Dr. Borazanci explained.

“Pancreas cancer forms a barrier around itself, and we’ve developed treatments to overcome those barriers through these clinical trials,” Dr. Borazanci said.

Zeblisky, who works for the Maricopa County Courts system, hopes to be well enough to return to work in January.

Doctors at the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center say their clinical trials are open to a wide range of patients. You can contact them at:

Source: KTVK