Sound waves now used to treat prostate cancer in new tech for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

In In The News by Barbara Jacoby


September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month, the perfect time for men to be screened for the disease. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men, and the second leading cause of men’s cancer death in the United States.* Locally, Georgia men have higher prostate cancer incidence and mortality rates than the U.S. average, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Whether a patient has low-, intermediate-, or high-grade cancer, the current standard of care requires painful biopsies that often lead to drastic treatment options such as surgery or radiation.  Some physicians recommended total removal of the prostate gland, which is often unnecessary and painful, with long recovery times and life-changing side effects like incontinence, impotence and nerve damage.  But a local facility, Busch Center, is changing all of that by providing men with a better choice called TULSA-PRO.  This treatment provides prostate cancer patients with no surgery, radiation, or long-term side effects.

TULSA technology delivers precise doses of sound waves to destroy diseased prostate tissue while protecting the healthy tissue surrounding the cancerous cells.  Dr. Busch uses state-of-the-art MRI imaging during the procedure, allowing him to see precisely where the cancer is located. That way, cancer cells can be targeted accurately by treating the diseased tissue and protecting healthy tissue, nerves, or organs.

The Busch Center is proud to be the first facility in the southeast United States to offer groundbreaking, non-invasive TULSA-PRO® technology. Dr. Busch is one of only a few physicians in the U.S. trained to perform the revolutionary new TULSA PRO treatment method.

In addition, the Busch Center offers proactive MRI screening so that men can benefit from early detection, diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Busch also performs MRI In-bore Targeted Biopsies – the most effective biopsy method in the industry – in the office, often the same day as screening is performed if needed.

Busch Center patients review their imaging results with the radiologist while they’re in the office – no waiting and wondering.  The team provides personalized, compassionate care, recommending next steps – which could include surveillance or treatment – based on each patient’s specific findings.

About the Busch Center

Dr. Busch is an advanced imaging pioneer in the United States, having offered his services to patients for over a decade.  Patients come to Busch Center from across the country and around the globe because of their high standards, personalized care, compassionate team, high-tech equipment and state-of-the-art facilities.  Busch Center’s team understands that every patient’s situation is different and – regardless of their specific circumstances – being diagnosed with prostate cancer is overwhelming and scary.  Dr. Busch and his team talk to patients, answer their questions, show them their scans, provide test results during the office visit, explain every procedure, and provide personalized recommendations for care plans based on evidence-based medicine.

Alpharetta, GA-based Busch Center draws on the experience and methodologies used in Europe, where guidelines are different (and better) than they are in the US.  Busch Center is setting a new (better) standard of care for prostate cancer screenings and treatments, and their patients experience better outcomes.  Connect with the Busch Center on Facebook/BuschCenter, Twitter/Busch Center, and Instagram/BuschCenter.