Sometimes It Is Best To Say Nothing

In Creating Happiness by Barbara Jacoby

For the past week, I have been pondering about what I wanted to write. After all, I promised that I would make up for the blog that I missed last week when I had a bit of the flu and was not up to writing. And each evening, I would think about a new subject but rejected them all.

I thought about writing regarding the aftermath of the elections. There was so much going on with regard to the current status of the automotive industry and how everyone believed that they had the right resolution. But, no agreement could be reached.

There was Prop 8 in California whereby the voters rejected marriage between couples of the same sex. I watched as people fought with one another, literally, and tried to force their personal beliefs on each other. I had hoped that the intolerances between groups of people would have subsided by now.

I watched the stock market going up and down and up and down, faster than a yo-yo all week long while everyone was trying to determine why this was happening. Lots of people would comment on it and then realize that what they had said had nothing to do with the reality of the situation.
Then there was the naming of the individuals who would be part of the new administration in January. Boy, did that send the stock market up but as soon as it closed for the week, the announcements came about the new bank failures and everyone was all upset again.
I have decided that I am not going to pay attention to all of these goings on any longer. Yes, there are people who are struggling in this economy right now but there are always those who are struggling. At least this time others are paying attention and looking for solutions.

I believe that the current situation is mostly fear driven and for that reason I have chosen to sit back and not provide my usual editorial comments on any of the above-referenced issues. I will watch to see what happens over the next several months as I hope that the entire world works to solve the problems that are affecting all of us. I am hoping that by saying absolutely nothing that I will not be feeding fuel to a firestorm that does not exist and that instead, I am going to put my good energy into the hope that everyone will learn that we are all in this together and that if we all work together, anything can be accomplished.