Savvy Cooperative: Potential Paid Opportunity for Multiple Myeloma Patients

In Paid Opportunities For The Cancer Community by Barbara Jacoby

Savvy Co-op has an interview opportunity for patients diagnosed with multiple myeloma. If we believe that you may qualify, we will send you a full screener soon.
In-depth patient experience interview
Why Sign Up?
Your experiences living with cancer are so valuable and important to creating better products and services, that companies and researchers will pay you just for sharing your experience and opinions!
Will I be chosen?
We take all qualified and verified applicants and present them to the sponsor who will ultimately determine who is the best fit for the opportunity.
How will I be paid?
For gigs that reward $150 or less, we will process an Amazon gift card after we receive confirmation of your participation in the opportunity. For rewards greater than $150, we can pay by ACH transfer or check. Please note that being paid by ACH transfer or check can create a delay in receiving your reward and you may be required to provide us with applicable IRS forms like a W9.