Savvy Cooperative: African-American Patients Diagnosed with Stage 4 Colorectal or Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and Their Caregivers

In Paid Opportunities For The Cancer Community by Barbara Jacoby


We’re looking for patients (and their caregivers) who have been diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal or non-small cell lung cancer.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal or non-small cell lung cancer
  • Proof of diagnosis may be required to participate
  • We are only looking for African-American patients at this time
  • We are looking for patients without clinical trial experience
  • Fluent English speaker, but does not need to be the primary language
  • U.S. resident


  • Multiple opportunities
  • From home




Why Sign Up?

Your experiences are so valuable and important to creating better products and services, that companies and researchers will pay you just for sharing your experience and opinions!

Will I be chosen?

The healthcare innovator chooses. We send over a blinded list of verified applicants that filled out the screener (this mean that they cannot personally identify you) that the innovator uses to determine who they’d like to invite.

Why do we do this?

First, we never know exactly what type of balance or diverse cross-section in the community the innovator is trying to achieve in the participants. Second, we know you and we know that you are wonderful. In order to take our own bias out of the selection process and make it as fair as possible, we allow the innovator to have full control over who is chosen.

How will I be paid?

For gigs that reward $150 or less, we will process an Amazon gift card after we receive confirmation of your participation in the opportunity. For rewards greater than $150, we can pay by ACH transfer or check. Please note that being paid by ACH transfer or check can create a delay in receiving your reward and you may be required to provide us with applicable IRS forms like a W9.

About Savvy Cooperative

Savvy Cooperative is the first and only patient-owned co-op that empowers people to use their health experiences to inform new products and services through surveys, interviews, product testing and more! It was founded by two patients who wanted to make sure people who shared their health experiences were fairly compensated. That’s why we are patient-owned and the majority of our profits go right back to our members!