Remembering to take your medication isn’t just an old people problem

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By: Brad Gantt

Source: Tooktake

Woman & Mom owned business Tooktake announces the release of their Patent Pending product to help people get well and stay well, one dose at a time. Tooktake dosage reminder labels were born out of the founder, Leeanna Gantt’s own challenges and experiences while in treatment for breast cancer.
She was given a cabinet-full of prescription and over-the-counter medications to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy, and even with the help of her caregivers (husband and daughter), it was impossible to remember what she was supposed to take when, or more importantly, when she may have taken something, as many of these medications would be dangerous if taken more than prescribed.
As the effects of her treatment began to multiply, Leeanna invented her own solution using modified sticky notes. This DIY solution worked so well, that she became committed to make it available to others who had issues remembering to take their own medication once she was finished with her own treatment.
Tooktake is available is three configurations: Daily, Every __ hours, and 7-10 day. These work for a wide variety of common over-the-counter and prescription medications such as antibiotics, anti-hypertensives, statins, pain medications, allergy medication, and more.
Who is tooktake for?
No more counting out pills into a dingy looking pill box that still has residue from your last prescription. Tooktake dosage reminder labels easily adhere directly to the medication bottle or packaging, ensuring you always have all the important information right where you need it. Tooktake is fun, easy-to-use and won’t make you feel like you’re using your grandparents’ pillbox!
Whether you yourself are taking prescription, over the counter medication or supplements or if you are a caretaker, a parent, a child, a frequent traveler or a pet-owner tooktake will help you. You simply pull-off the perforated tab each time you take a dose so you know at-a-glance if you took your medication or still need to take it.
While tooktake is great for everyone, studies have shown that younger people have the most trouble with medication compliance, not the elderly. This can be attributed to them being busier, having more irregular schedules and traveling more often. But no matter what your age these are factors that can make it difficult to remember to take your medication as directed.
Tooktake is especially helpful for those who are not used to taking medication on a regular basis, but find themselves having to take something such as a course of antibiotics, or cough or pain medication, all of which are important to take as directed.
Because at the end of the day  “Drugs don’t work in patients who don’t take them.”
—Attributed to C. Everett Koop, MD, former US surgeon general.
About the Company
Tooktake is a small woman and mom-owned business located in Pasadena, CA. All of Tooktake’s products are manufactured in the U.S.A. and ship anywhere in the country. In addition to manufacturing dosage reminder labels, Tooktake is committed to helping others get well and stay well, offering information and support for lifestyle practices that support mental and physical well-being.
About the Founder
Leeanna Gantt is a former advertising creative director, founder of Tinker, an award-winning children’s art studio in Sherman Oaks, CA, advisor to other women entrepreneurs and partner with her husband in their design studio, Start With. She is a mother to Riley Gantt, a student at Wellesley College, and husband to Brad Gantt, a designer and meditation teacher. She lives in Pasadena, CA.