Regional Chemotherapy — secret, cancer-fighting weapon strikes again

In In The News by Barbara Jacoby


It is a happy beginning to a New Year for Karmi Posner and his family. Karmi just completed his Regional Chemotherapy (RCT) cancer treatment, a major win in his battle with advanced metastasized tonsil cancer.

Conventional treatment in Canada had failed. In August his surgery in Toronto was cancelled because his cancer had progressed too far. “They said “you may see Christmas but you won’t see the summer”, and then they sent him home to die,” said his wife, Ilona. She accompanied Karmi to a private hospital in Germany, where Prof. Aigner treated him.

“Karmi has had amazing results! We did not expect that. It’s ridiculous that it’s (RCT) not (available) in Canada and USA. It could help so many people.” Karmi agrees with his wife. He recently expressed his views in an interview with 640AM News:

Gerald Kopitowski was also treated with RCT. In July he was given four months to live after being diagnosed with aggressive oral cancer. The cancer ravaged his tongue and throat, preventing him from eating and talking and complicating his ability to breath. He had lost 80 lbs. in about three months.

Gerald’s wife, Gail Smith-Kopitowski, had heard about Prof. Aigner’s visit to Canada and desperately reached out to Medias Health Inc. to help get her husband to the clinic in Germany. Medias Health expedited Gail’s request as critical, and within three days she and Gerald were on their way to Germany; soon after Karmi followed.

“I’d be dead by now. They wanted to remove tongue, take flesh from my side to rebuild a new tongue, put in a breathing apparatus and a tube in my side for food, — it just didn’t sound like good quality of life! I wouldn’t be seeing Christmas, if it weren’t for Dr. Karl Aigner and his Regional Chemotherapy,” says Gerald. “By the time I got to his clinic in Germany, I was just skin and bones. After only two treatments, the tumor disappeared, my tongue is in place, and I can talk and eat my steak again.”

Gerald and Karmi are two of many cancer survivors indebted to Prof. Karl R. Aigner, a leading German oncologist. Prof. Aigner has been practicing Regional Chemotherapy to treat his cancer patients for over thirty years and has experienced remarkable success rates at his clinic in Burghausen. He uses RCT to target specific tumors rather than the entire body. He uses chemofiltration to filter the patient’s blood following the RCT procedures in order to minimize side effects, as compared to systemic chemotherapy. See for more information.

A social campaign #damagecancer by Medias Health Inc., a company that represents Prof. Aigner’s clinic in North America and beyond, is drawing attention to this revolutionary treatment. Medias Health hopes that one day Regional Chemotherapy will be available in Canada and USA. Michael Shribman, founder and president of Medias Health Inc., has made it his life’s mission to enlighten Canadians and Americans about RCT. In late September 2016 Michael flew Prof. Aigner to Toronto to present his breakthrough methodology. Both general and medical communities were surprised to learn that RCT is not available in USA and Canada, and numerous enquires flew to Medias Health.