Oncology Benefits Management Delivers Higher-Quality Care at Lower Cost

In In The News by Barbara Jacoby

How to deliver more effective, cost-efficient health care for patients is at the forefront of the country’s daily health care debates.  Throughout the healthcare industry, there has been a call to transform the way care is delivered to move towards higher-quality care at lower costs.  This is why I am sharing with you about Oncology Analytics, Inc. www.oncologyanalytics.com.

Simply put, Oncology Analytics is a patient-focused comprehensive oncology benefits management company whose mission is to improve the quality of cancer care by utilizing its unparalleled clinical expertise, the latest evidence-based guidelines and its proprietary MATISTM clinical decision support software. Oncology Analytics’ high-quality, high-value cancer care treatment solutions saves money and lives. Oncology Analytics’ work saves health plans up to 40% on their oncology drug costs that in many cases translates to millions of dollars while maintaining or improving the quality of care.

Founded in Plantation, Florida, in 2009, Oncology Analytics is accredited by URAC for Health Utilization Management.  Oncology Analytics serves health plans and providers in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Oncology Analytics’ team of board-certified oncologists and hematologists, in conjunction with Oncology Analytics’ board-certified oncology pharmacists, have developed protocols that collectively cover over 99 percent of patients’ cancer diagnoses based on guidelines from nationally recognized authorities such as NCCN, ASCO and others.  These protocols are integrated into Oncology Analytics’ proprietary MATISTM clinical decision support software, which enables medical oncologists to sort all available chemotherapy options based on efficacy, toxicity and cost.

MATIS’TM ability to give providers choices for their patients allows them to deliver oncology treatments with greater confidence and at lower costs to the patient and the health plan.  All cases that require additional assessment for individualized care are reviewed by OA’s clinical team.  Oncology Analytics further distinguishes itself through its exceptional Academic Advisory Board available to OA clinical staff for rare or complex cases.