My One Gift Christmas List

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Earlier today, I was contemplating what I would like to receive for Christmas this year. There were so many things that were running through my mind but mostly I really couldn’t think of a single thing that I wanted or that I needed. But, then it finally dawned on me. There is nothing that I would rather ask for or be given this Christmas and every Christmas in the future than the “gift of time”.

“I want you to know that I wish for each of you the most wonderful and awesome gift that you could ever receive and that is the gift of time.”Barbara Jacoby

I want the gift of time for myself and for every other person who has either been told or has/had fears that their time for life is limited. I want it for every parent who wants more time with a child who is facing a life-threatening illness. I wish for more time for every child who needs it in order to make peace with a parent. And I want more time for every single person who wishes for it.

I know that there are lots of people who are having a very hard time this year as Christmas time is nearing. With the pandemic, many people are suffering on so many levels, not the least of which is financially. They are having a hard time paying the mortgage, schooling their children, working from home and trying to figure out how they can even begin to navigate the holiday season. There are also those who have lost their jobs and can’t even afford to put food on the table, let alone get their kids a single present. But, I think that we can still find ways to make this Christmas as memorable in its own way.

All we need is time. We need time to appreciate each other. We need time to laugh together and enjoy each others’ company. We need time to understand that there is nothing more important than people and loving and helping each other. We need time to recognize that the holidays are there to remind us that we can keep the holiday spirit all year around if we so choose.

Regardless of whether or not we have been told that this may be our last Christmas, none of us is promised another day let alone another year. This year, more than any time in the past, I don’t think that we need a bunch of presents under the tree. And we certainly don’t need fancy clothes and holiday parties where everyone is out to impress one another. I think that we have a real opportunity to create our own very special personalized Christmas holiday and season with singing and watching movies and baking cookies and decorating in our own home whether we are a large family or if we are all by ourselves as I have found myself to be in the past.

So, my Christmas wish for everyone else in the world is that you know the experience that I am sharing with you from my own past and present Christmases. I want for you all to have a wonderful life that is shared with your loved one and many, many days and nights where you have the time to share the love that you have for one another. I want you to know that “things” don’t matter when you are fortunate enough to share your life and love with those who are nearest and dearest to your heart. And I want you to know that I wish for each of you the most wonderful and awesome gift that you could ever receive and that is the gift of time. May you enjoy every single moment that you are given to share these holidays with those who are nearest and dearest to you regardless of whether you do so in person or if you choose the ways that are available to reach those who are at a distance. After all, this truly is the season of miracles.