Music and Breast Cancer

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No matter who you are or what you are dealing with in your life, I have always found that one of the most important things in my life is music. For many like me, it starts the day when the alarm goes off and it is often the last thing we hear before falling asleep at night. But, for just about every single one of us, music will be a part of our day no matter who we are, where we are or what we do.

“No matter what the purpose of music is in your life, it adds a dimension that is unparalleled. It touches the heart and soul of every person and can move you to tears or unbelievable joy.”Barbara Jacoby

For many dealing with breast cancer, music almost acts like a lifeline. One of the most visible signs of this is often seen in treatment rooms where chemotherapy is being administered. Many patients make their own playlists a part of every single one of their treatments because of the effect that it will have on their mental well-being while they are receiving their infusions. Music helps the mind to transcend what is happening to the physical body. It allows us to escape to a world that we might never otherwise reach if we did not have this vehicle to take us away to another place. For some, it may be the lyrics while others get wrapped up in the melody or the arrangement of that which touches their soul.

But, music is not just limited to helping chemotherapy patients. Whether music is soothing someone in pain or helping another to escape their current circumstances for just a few moments in time or getting someone to let go and get up to dance, it helps everyone. If you look at those who are walking or running to enhance their daily physical activity, you will most likely find them doing their exercising with their favorite music set as evidenced by the visible earphones they are wearing and the “lost in space” expression on their faces. Otherwise, this or any repetitive activity can be very boring and we will not be inclined to pursue the workout for any extended period of time.

No matter what the purpose of music is in your life, it adds a dimension that is unparalleled. It touches the heart and soul of every person and can move you to tears or unbelievable joy. It can move entire armies for good and positive thinking and improved health that exhibits itself in both mental and physical ways. To allow a single day to pass without the inclusion of music in it is a missed opportunity to improve and enhance it to a higher level. And to not be willing to share your favorite music with those around you is a greatly missed bonding opportunity.

I would like to suggest to everyone who is dealing with breast cancer as well as their caregivers and support staff to include music as a part of every day that you can share together. If you don’t know what music someone might enjoy, try making them a collection of those songs that are closest to your heart as there is a very good chance that just as you share and enjoy many other things together in your lives, you will also have similar tastes in music.

If you do know their favorite artist(s) but are not in a position to give the gift of a live performance to them, perhaps you can give them a download of the most recent collection of the music that their favorite artist has just released. You might also find great fun in learning the lyrics to those tunes together and singing them out at the top of your voices. No matter how you elect to do so, giving and sharing and/or enjoying music, whether alone or together will enhance the life of each of you, not only in the moment but long after the experience has passed.