More Stars Speak Out on Domestic Abuse

In Creating Happiness, Domestic Abuse News by Barbara Jacoby

Hand_Grabbing_Woman_HairDuring the past week, Rihanna did interviews with “Good Morning America” and “20/20” about the abuse that she suffered at the hands of Chris Brown while Mariah Carey admitted that she was abused in her first marriage on the “Larry King Show”.  In addition, Chris Brown had his own interview to do for MTV News regarding his being confused about the perceptions that are those of his fans as a result of his beating of Rihanna.

For Rihanna, she felt the need to speak out because she is aware that there are other teenage girls out there who are confused about love and the abuse.  She indicated that the girls can’t tell their parents about it because they are ashamed.  Her own story as she spoke could have been the story of any other young girl who has suffered the same trauma.  It is the story of lots of older women, too.  You love this person.  He didn’t mean to do it.  He is sorry and apologized and says that it will never happen again.  But, believe me, if a guy can do it the first time and you stick around, the first time will soon be repeated and the abuse will escalate.  Rihanna’s willingness to talk about what happened to her is a very courageous act that will help others, especially the ever growing number of teenage girls who have found themselves in this same position.

Mariah Carey, in her interview on Larry King, was asked what she thought about Rihanna’s speaking out and she got very quiet at which point King inquired whether she had been mentally and verbally abused and she indicated that she had.  King asked her why she hadn’t left earlier and she indicated that it wasn’t just their personal relationship that would be affected but her business dealings as well. 

And then there is the Chris Brown interview.  It is sad that his real concern is about the perceptions of his fans.  He is bothered by the names that he has been called and the comments that have been thrown his way.  Of course, this interview is tied in with the fact that he has a new album releasing and he is going on tour.  But, from a report I saw this morning, he has reason to be concerned about what the fans are thinking as ticket sales have been really poor.

Personally, I am so very grateful each time that someone speaks out about the abuse that he or she has experienced.  The more that the problem is recognized and discussed, the sooner the situation will become one that is addressed and handled more openly so that those who are victims will have more places to go and more options to pursue in their leaving.  The people that are being abused will not feel so alone and they will understand that there are plenty of other people who are more than willing to help them find a way out.  To know that even the most well known people have had some of the same experiences as they have had will help to give them the courage to act on their own behalf.  After all, that is what really needs to happen.

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