Learning How to Dance in the Rain

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Every once in awhile I run across a story that is so wonderful and beautiful that I just have to share it with everyone that I can. Such was the case when I read the blog posted on “Project Fit America”. I have posted the link here, Learning how to dance in the rain, for your easy access.

This story of Steve and Cyndee Cox is a love story for the ages. Its span has covered more than 45 years and bouts with 5 different kinds of cancer in virtually every part of Cyndee’s body. This couple met on a blind date which occurred while Cyndee

What a perspective! What a reminder that we all have a choice to make when times of trouble and hardship and illness come our way.
was recovering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma with which she was first diagnosed at the age of 18. And after all these years and all that they have gone through during that time, these two amazing people are still standing side by side in their undying love for each other.

I have met so many cancer survivors who when diagnosed found themselves standing alone. Their spouses and other friends and family members disappeared into the sunset when it came time to provide help and support to those that they knew who were cancer victims. Many women who had to have surgeries that left the scars of their battles on their bodies found that their husbands could not deal with their “deformities’”. Many friends indicated that they ran because they didn’t know what to do or say. And even many family members were way to busy with their own lives and families to have time to “deal with” someone else’s problems.

I can’t begin to image what Cyndee has had to endure. I know of my own experiences being a two-time breast cancer survivor and I feel like I had it so easy. But, for me, the most important factor was the support of my husband who would do anything to make my life as easy and comfortable as possible and I have the feeling that Steve did the same for Cyndee. And if you took the opportunity to read Cyndee’s story, I am sure that you were equally moved by this woman and the strength and courage that she has needed in order to overcome so much.

In reading this story, there is also a most wonderful message included that I hope that I will always remember when times get a bit tough. In describing Cyndee’s life, the author wrote:

“It is a life of survival: about not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain”.

What a perspective! What a reminder that we all have a choice to make when times of trouble and hardship and illness come our way. I hope that I never forget this great message and even more importantly, I really hope that I have “learned how to dance in the rain”.