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“I honestly don’t know why I am doing this, I just know that I have to do this. I see what it is. I can see the whole thing and now I don’t know what else I would ever do.” – Katie Tramposh.

Founder and creative director, Katie Tramposh, set out to create a brand that she would be proud to call her own. In that vein, she set out to construct a well-rounded company that’s bottom line is people, not profit. The brand’s philosophy and the message are about doing the right thing at all costs. In striving to create a company that supports people, Tramposh, began by researching manufacturers and suppliers that share the same vision of creating concrete change in their communities.

Atelier Kate came from the idea that organic fair trade fashion no longer had to mean sacrificing your personal style. The heart of the brand comes from a deep desire to empower not only the women that wear our clothing but the planet that supplies our tools, the people who create our garments and the communities that we live in. Looking good and doing well are now synonymous because, with Atelier Kate, you can trust that the fabrics used are grown organically and produced fairly.

The name of the collection is Effréné (which means unleashed in French). Women by nature are the embodiment of sexuality, healing, and divinity and this collection is a nod to their existence. The combination of inspiration is drawn from bondage and gothic cultures allowed for the opportunity to empower the Kate woman’s dark side and in doing so, empowering her to embrace her desires, heal her wounds and emerge from the darkness a more powerful feminine being. While those chains and binds remain she has transformed them from a form of control and oppression into a symbol of strength, sex appeal, and domination.

This season, Katie is also paying homage to a cause close to her heart. “When I started this collection it was an exploration of femininity and what that means for a KATE girl. and was named “unrestrained”. However, as life evolved and experiences changed this collection came to mean much more. After finishing the collection, my ex-husband entered my home and unfortunately felt it was his right to harm me to the point of hospitalization. This unfortunate situation helped me to understand how broken the system is and how little support and how few resources there actually are for women in this situation. As a result, “unrestrained” took on an entirely new meaning. It meant not being a victim to my abuser any longer, filing the official documents for divorce and truly stepping into my power as a woman. Now, I want to take that lesson and help other women by making concrete change which is why I’ve chosen to donate 10% of every sale during AMCONYC fashion week and our New York Pop Up event to a charity that is not just fighting for survivors of domestic violence but fighting to change the laws in countries around the world regarding this overwhelmingly common issue.”