“In Strictest Confidence.” – new book addressing child abuse, mental health

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Written by clinical psychologist Michael J. Canzoniero PhD, “In Strictest Confidence” is a novel that dramatizes the damage of childhood abuse and neglect. Characters are developed who embody the repercussions of their mistreatment. Their histories – based on real events – elucidate the horrors of child abuse. For balance, the difficult childhoods of both the protagonist and the antagonists are explored.

Rigid but clever Detective William Hael must find the killer of a retired school teacher found crucified in his home. Was he killed because he was bisexual? Does the psychologist who has treated all the suspects know the identity of the killer? Will he be next? Is the killer David, the paranoid schizophrenic? Is it Jack with his antisocial personality disorder? Or, is it Dolores with her multiple personalities?

“As a psychologist, I am a staunch advocate for the protection of children,” said Dr. Canzoniero. “I wrote this story in the hope that my readers will become more aware of the horrors of child abuse.”

The blend of psychological theory and thriller gives insight into how abused children develop their emotional problems and how their attempts to handle those problems can lead to constructive resolution or to self-destruction.

“In Strictest Confidence: A Novel”

By Michael J. Canzoniero PhD

ISBN: 9781480848832 (softcover); 9781480848849 (hardcover); 9781480848856 (eBook)

Available at the Archway Publishing Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author

Michael J. Canzoniero PhD earned his doctorate from St. John’s University in Queens, New York. As a licensed psychologist, he has expertise in the field of substance abuse. Dr. Canzoniero has worked not only with the adults whose lives were ruined by drugs and alcohol, but also with the children who were physically and/or sexually abused by them. He is passionate about helping people become aware they can break free of their childhood roles, resolve their issues, and liberate themselves to enjoy healthy lives. “In Strictest Confidence” serves as a follow up to Dr. Canzoniero’s first book “Conditional Love: A Story of Battered Emotions.” To learn more, please visit www.mcanzonierophd.net.