The Importance of Sharing Information About Breast Cancer

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A few days ago, I received some information about the Susan G. Komen Race For the Cure Event that will be held in Los Angeles on March 7th. As I read the press release that I received, I was struck by the fact that so many people who may really want and need this information may never see it. Yes, it is providing the details about the fundraiser that will be happening but there is so much more that needs to be shared.

I was struck by the fact that so many people who may really want and need this information may never see it.Barbara Jacoby

I think that the inclination to read this information would be greatly diminished because the first perception would be that if this is about a fundraiser in Los Angeles and I don’t live there, I don’t see any reason to read on. However, I am sure that many don’t know how the funds that are raised are ultimately spent with 75% of the money going directly back into the local community for breast cancer diagnostic services, educational programs, patient navigation and psychosocial support. The other 25% goes to the national grant program funding groundbreaking research. But this article contains one more piece of critical information regarding the “Circle of Promise” and the commitment that has been made in this initiative that targets African American women who are rarely or never screened.

But, the problem becomes in finding ways to get this information out. This isn’t just about another fundraiser but about all that is funded with the proceeds. It also provides information about how to be a part of such an event, even when you don’t want or can’t participate physically in the 5K or 10K races. I can’t help but be grateful for the knowledge that nearly 19,00 people in LA County were able to receive breast health services in the past year from money raised through the LA Race and other fundraising efforts of Susan G. Komen® Los Angeles County. So I am asking for your help, not just for this article but also for all of the information that you receive about programs available to help others.

It only takes an instant to share through any of the social media platforms of which you are a part. Although this particular article explains about the upcoming event in Los Angeles, there are Komen Affiliates throughout the country that provide the same programs to their local communities. And this is only a single example of important information that needs to be shared with people everywhere. Many organizations share information about the products and services that they provide that many others don’t know about. If you are willing to share out to those who are in your sphere and they pass on the information, etc., a much wider community of people who need help/assistance will be reached. You just never know how many people you may ultimately help with just one quick RT or FB share or post on LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram or Tumblr. The range is endless.