IceCure Medical Ltd (ICCM) Presents ICE3 Breast Cancer Trial Interim Data

In In The News by Barbara Jacoby


IceCure Medical Ltd. (NASDAQ: ICCM) today announced it hosted three key ProSense® System events at the European Conference on Interventional Oncology (ECIO) from April 24 to 27, 2022 in Vienna, Austria.

The ProSense® System is an effective Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) cryoablation solution, capable of creating large lethal zones for optimal tumor destruction with a rapid cooling rate and stable ultra-cold temperatures (-160°C +/- 10°C).

IceCure Industry Symposium: Liquid Nitrogen Based Cryoablation for Optimal Tumor Destruction

On April 25, Professor Franco Orsi, MD, PhD of the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy moderated the IceCure Industry Symposium: Liquid Nitrogen Based Cryoablation for Optimal Tumor Destruction. Professor Orsi provided a concise overview and rationale for performing cryoablation procedures followed by case studies from Dr. Yair Halpern of Bnei Zion Medical Center, Haifa, Israel on renal cancer cryoablation and from Dr. Ghizlane Touimi Benjelloun of CHU de Nîmes, France on cryoablation of adrenal gland and vertebral metastasis.

Scientific Presentation: Cryoablation of Low-Risk Breast Cancer An Update of the ICE3 Trial

Dr. Kenneth R. Tomkovich, Co-Primary Investigator of the ICE3 trial, presented promising interim data on cryoablation of small, low-risk breast cancers on April 26. The interim results were originally published on April 29, 2021 and show almost 98% of patients who received ProSense® System cryoablation treatment are recurrence free, with one-third of patients having reached 5 years post-treatment. No significant device-related adverse events were reported with no scarring or change in shape and size of the breasts and 98% of doctors and 95% of patients reported satisfaction with the cosmetic results.

The ICE3 trial was designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of breast cryoablation with IceCure’s ProSense® System, enabling women older than 60 with low-risk early-stage breast cancers to benefit from a non-surgical treatment and avoid the associated surgical risks. The study, which enrolled 194 eligible patients, is the largest controlled multicenter clinical trial ever performed in the U.S. for LN2 based cryoablation of small, low-risk, early-stage malignant breast tumors as an alternative to surgery.

Dr, Tomkovich commented, “The inclusion of the ICE3 clinical trial interim results as part of the scientific program at ECIO 2022 represents a major milestone in women’s health and more specifically breast cancer care. It presents an opportunity for interventional oncologists, in Europe and around the world, to use their expertise in image-guided tumor ablation to consider breast cancer cryoablation as a treatment now that the procedure is gaining wider acceptance as a viable non-surgical option for certain patients.”

Cryoablation Hands-On Training with the ProSense® System

IceCure participated in ECIO’s three hands-on cryoablation sessions. The IceCure team was joined by physicians well-experienced with the ProSense System to help guide participants during the sessions.

In addition to the exhibition and programming, IceCure was selected to attend ECIO’s Faculty & Sponsor Dinner on April 24. The event was a great opportunity for IceCure to meet with and build upon relationships with senior ECIO leadership and key opinion leaders in the field of interventional oncology.

“ECIO was an ideal forum to feature ProSense® to key opinion leaders and practitioners looking for a minimally invasive, image-guided system for oncological applications in both palliative and curative settings. As we expand regulatory approvals and distribution for ProSense® throughout the world, presenting data and providing hands-on training to a global audience is an important part of our efforts to establish ProSense® as a leading cryoablation system in the world and a safe, effective, and cost-efficient alternative to surgery,” stated IceCure CEO Eyal Shamir.