How do we find peace of mind

In Creating Happiness, Dealing with Medical Industry Issues by Barbara Jacoby

As most of us find ourselves trying to deal with the current economic issues that have enveloped our lives, it has become necessary for most of us to take on more work and responsibilities. It doesn’t matter where we work (at home or outside of the home), the influences currently governing our lives have created more stress for more people than ever before. Most of us find ourselves getting up earlier in the morning, running all day long and finally collapsing at a late hour in order to grab a few hours of sleep before starting the cycle all over again. But, as we continue this cycle, what is the penalty that we all pay?

“What I believe we need to do is to set aside a bit of time for ourselves each day to do something nice for ourselves to find peace within ourselves.Barbara Jacoby

The first response is that we try to do more for those around us who are also struggling. Be it our children, spouses, significant others, other family members or co-workers, we jump right in to do whatever we can to make things better for them. We make sacrifices in every arena imaginable in order to help others. And we sometimes go so far above and beyond that we give away too much of ourselves. Then when we realize that others that we are helping may neither appreciate nor acknowledge our efforts and we start to resent them.

I am not suggesting that we don’t help others. I am the first person who believes that we absolutely should step up and support one another. However, regardless of what we may do to help others, we must always look out for ourselves first and foremost. That is not selfishness. It is the understanding that if we do not take care of ourselves first, we will be of no assistance to anyone else. We can’t keep driving ourselves into the ground with work and obligations and doing for others when it is always to our own detriment.

What I believe we need to do is to set aside a bit of time for ourselves each day to do something nice for ourselves to find peace within ourselves. It may be taking a nap in the middle of the day. It may be a period of time for meditation or a nice, quiet bath with candlelight and soft music. We must find a way to focus on finding peace within our hearts and minds and spirits. I personally shut down all work, computers, etc. about an hour before bedtime so that I can pray to Almighty God to bring to me His peace to that I may heal.

I recently saw a study that indicates that a lack of sleep and stress are the two things that are most detrimental to us. I personally believe this to be true. Getting enough sleep and doing something special for myself each day reminds me that I do deserve the peace within that can only bring the healing that I need and so do you. You are worth it.