How Did You React When Someone Told You That They Had Cancer?

In LLH Talk Radio by Barbara Jacoby

LLH Talk logo blogOne of the hardest thing that anyone might ever have to do is to hear that a family member or loved one or friend has cancer. It has happened to just about every single person that I know. I have been in the role of being the recipient of that news from my father and my brother among others and I will never forget my shock and inability to formulate a response. And I can’t begin to tell you how hard it was to deliver that news to my husband and watch his reaction. This week on Let Life Happen TALK, I would like to discuss this subject and would appreciate your input. Please share your story and tell me about how you received the news from your families and friends. Let me know how you reacted and how you felt about your personal experiences. Perhaps by sharing our experiences, we may be able to help others who, in the future, have to face this situation.

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