Holiday Shopping As a Cancer Patient

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With just over a month until Christmas, many people are already scrambling to make a list of gifts for the people on their holiday list and for many people who are dealing with cancer, such shopping may have to be limited to only the Internet. After all, you don’t have to get dressed and face the elements that might be particularly bad at this time of the year, let alone the crowds of other frantic people who are stressed because of everything else that they are doing in their lives at the same time. And most certainly, the advantage of having gifts shipped to you directly or their intended destination if family and friends are in a different location is a major attraction to online buying.

“I guess when you come right down to it, although it is nice and easy to shop online, there is nothing like getting out and enjoying the sights and sounds of the season if you are able to do so. “Barbara Jacoby

So, as all of the online retailers have started sending out their emails about the big deals that are being offered ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, computers are on overdrive already as buyers try to latch on to the biggest deals while supplies last. For those who want to shop but are unable to get out to the stores for any number of reasons, online shopping is an absolutely great way to look around for exactly the perfect presents that are within a certain price range. I personally love to shop online, not only for the holidays but also throughout the whole year However, the calamity caused by the holidays can be described as insanity at best as people scramble to soak up what they think are the best deals, sometimes even putting their jobs in jeopardy as they shop on their computers at work rather than doing the jobs for which they are being paid.

I don’t understand why everyone believes that the best deals can only be had on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. So many retailers play games by offering a certain item at a ridiculously low price to attract buyers to their sites, knowing full well that they only have a very small quantity of the product that they can actually sell at that price. But, now they have your attention and if you miss out on an item the first time, you may find yourself going back to that same site over and over again to see if that retailer will make that same offer again. And in the meantime, they are hoping that you will spot other items that you will ultimately buy from them rather than a competitor.

If you are willing to avoid the mania, there will definitely be awesome deals on lots of items for the holidays. For those who believe that they have to have any particular item but can’t locate it, I hope that you don’t give yourself over to the stress that can accompany such thinking. There is nothing that will ruin your holidays any faster than that. And if you believe that if your children don’t receive something that is on their list, their holiday will be ruined, then it is time that they learn the lesson about what giving is all about and about being grateful for the presents that they do receive. Just one volunteer trip to a local mission or toy drive can put things into perspective in a very speedy way.

I also hope that if you choose to do most or all of your holiday shopping online, you will take at least some time to go to the local mall or down the streets of your local shopping area and absorb the sites and sounds of the holidays. There is nothing that is more fun than for a father to take his children shopping to pick out the perfect gift for mother. And what a fun outing a mother can have with her children by taking them out to find the perfect gift for dad. Make it extra meaningful by having them take some money from their own piggy banks to buy the present and you will have them appreciate the joy of giving as much as receiving.

No children? No problem. Several years ago, I started a new tradition for myself by taking a day off and shopping all by myself at my own leisure. I actually started the day by getting my hair done and then I wandered the mall, listening to Christmas music and picking up some odds and ends to complete my shopping. I had a little lunch and enjoyed watching the other shoppers passing by. I supported local merchants and visited stores that I didn’t even know were in the area. And by the end of the day, I was filled with the holiday spirit. I guess when you come right down to it, although it is nice and easy to shop online, there is nothing like getting out and enjoying the sights and sounds of the season if you are able to do so. And if not, turn on some holiday music and do whatever you can to create a festive feeling all around you with the help of family and friends as you wish. And there is nothing wrong with starting now so that you can enjoy the spirit of the holidays from now, right through the end of the year!