History of forgery found in Clarksville cancer scam

In In The News by Barbara Jacoby

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From: theleafchronicle.com

A Clarksville woman was arrested Wednesday and accused of falsely claiming she had cancer to collect money.

Kristen Hines allegedly forged the signatures of actual doctors from Gateway Medical Center and Vanderbilt Hospital on documents claiming her diagnosis and treatment, according to a warrant.

Hines was under investigation after a doctor from Gateway / Vanderbilt Cancer Treatment Center began receiving calls to her office.

People called the doctor’s office in an attempt to make donations on Hine’s non-existent account, according to the incident report. The doctor confirmed Hines was never a patient at the center.

Another doctor from the Vanderbilt Medical Center was also used in the forgery and confirmed that Hines was never seen there. Both doctors’ signatures were forged on the document, according to the report.

Hines posted the documents on Facebook to advertise being a cancer patient and collected donations from the community at a benefit in her honor.

The benefit was at the Warehouse Bar and Grill to raise funds for her treatment, the warrant said.

On her Facebook page, Hines had pictures of herself with a shaved head and comments from numerous supporters wanting to donate to her cancer treatments.

Hines was set to hold another benefit to raise funds for her alleged treatments.

The Chickin ‘n’ Pickin Cancer Benefit hosted by the Montgomery County Conservation club was planned for Sept. 27 to raise money for Hines. Tickets could be purchased in advanced or at the door for the event. Food, drinks and live music were to be offered.

After discovering Hine’s arrest and charges, the benefit has been canceled, according to the Montgomery County Conservation club.

Pending forgery case

Also known as Kristen Rhonda Bible, Hines had previous run-ins with the law accumulating 21 counts of forgery, two counts of identity theft and one count of theft over $10,000 in early July of this year, according to court records.

An investigation began after a Cunningham couple, who are in their 70s, told deputies that Hines, acting as their caretaker, charged $16,000 to their Bank of America debit card without their knowledge or consent, according to a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office report.

Hines was also accused of taking money from the couple’s Clarksville bank account.

Between July and September of 2013, Hines allegedly forged 21 checks from the couple’s account and used the man’s name, social security number, address and date of birth to obtain two credit cards “with the intent to carry on unlawful activity”, according to the indictments.

Hines was arrested for the new forgery charge on the same day she was set to appear in court for the previous charges. According to the indictments, Hines was taken into custody for the new charge and her settlement date was reset.

Hines, 35, who gave a 2705 Seven Mile Ferry Road address, was charged with a new count of forgery. She was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on a $100,000 bond.