Happy Easter

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I personally subscribed to the rule that there are two things that I never discuss and they are religion and politics.  But just because Easter is a major religious holiday for all Christians doesn’t mean that there isn’t a message for everyone. 

History does reveal that Jesus walked the earth, that He spent his time here helping, healing and teaching others, that He was crucified, died and was buried and that He arose from the dead.  His life was filled with sharing his love, showing others how to treat one another, helping all who wished to avail themselves of that help and taught the way, the truth and the light, if we choose to live our lives in that way.

Whether or not you believe that Jesus is the Son of God or even if you don’t believe that there is a God, what we can learn from the life that He lived are things that we can do to live a better life each and every day that we are on this earth.  Regardless of how others treated him, we learn that he never sought retribution or fought back.  Rather he gave back love and understanding.  I believe that we too, can mirror that behavior.  When someone does something to hurt you, if you focus on what may have motivated that behavior and understand that it truly has nothing to do with you, then you can walk away without judgment or thinking about a way to get back at the other person and you will feel so much better for choosing that way to respond.

I think that He also taught us to love and respect and appreciate one another.  I appreciate every single person that comes into my life and love what they bring to me.  Of course, the ones that bring a positive influence are easy to appreciate.  But, if you look at those who come to you with negative attitudes, etc., you can actually make it an interesting experiment to try to show them by example that there are other ways for them to look at life and to live their lives.  If it works, both of you will feel better for having had this opportunity.  And if it doesn’t, you can always walk away, knowing that you did the best that you could to help but knowing that there is nothing that you can do to force a person to change.  And know that you do not have to keep anyone in your life if they have a negative effect on you.

So, to me, Easter brings back to me a reminder of Jesus and what he taught us through the way that He lived his life here on earth and I celebrate what He has done for me and for what He has taught me.  I am again renewed in my desire to live my life as He did and know that it is my choice to do so.  Happy Easter to all!

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