Ford Warriors in Pink Will Provide Complimentary Rides to Breast Cancer Patients

In In The News by Barbara Jacoby


For 25 years, Ford Warriors in Pink has been on a mission to help those affected by breast cancer by helping patients, survivors, and co-survivors have better days. Ford has contributed more than $137 million to this cause and wants to do even more. In select areas in the Midwest for the remainder of 2019, the Warriors in Pink — in partnership with GoRide Health — will provide complimentary rides to non-emergency medical appointments for breast cancer patients.

“Transportation to treatment may seem like a small thing or ‘a given,’ but unfortunately, for many people it’s not,” said Anika Brown, chief marketing officer of GoRide Health. “Our collaboration with Warriors in Pink gets right to the heart of GoRide Health’s purpose: To make healthcare more accessible to those who need it most, and to do so with a service built around empathy and care. Through the Warriors in Pink collaboration we’ll be able to remove at least one burden from patients and families – and we’ll do it with compassion.”

Those in Southeast Michigan, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, and Toledo can be request a ride via the Warriors in Pink website or by calling 833-546-7433. The program will provide rides to appointments, treatment services, as well as pharmacies. The “Move Like a Warrior” Ford Transit Passenger Van will arrive at your specified location and one of the warriors will help you into the vehicle.

According to Jim Peters, a spokesperson for Ford Warriors in Pink, transportation is a huge challenge for many breast cancer patients. It’s an unfortunate obstacle for people who are already suffering tremendously, and Ford is hoping that through its mission with GoRide Health, it can make breast cancer patients’ lives a little easier.