FibroGenesis Reports Positive Preclinical Data in Pancreatic and Breast Cancer Using “Universal Acting” Fibroblast Based Immunotherapy

In Clinical Studies News by Barbara Jacoby

Source: FibroGenesis


FibroGenesis, a clinical stage company developing fibroblast-based therapeutic solutions for unmet medical needs, announced today new data supporting utilizing its fibroblast-based immunotherapy for successful inhibition and induction of regression in preclinical models of breast cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Company scientists successfully replicated the process by which cancer coaxes fibroblasts to support its growth.  By manipulating these artificially generated “cancer-associated-fibroblasts (CAFs)”, the Company was able to generate an immunotherapy that teaches the immune system to selectively kill only fibroblasts which help tumors to grow.

“Currently immunotherapy of cancer is achieving a lot of well-deserved attention, in part due to the Nobel Prize being awarded for its discovery, and its efficacy against more aggressive cancers,” said Dr. Tom Ichim, Chief Scientific Officer, FibroGenesis. “We believe that we are the first to use the immune system to kill the supporting infrastructure cancer has developed for itself to allow for continued growth.  In contrast to cancer cells, which are difficult for the immune system to recognize, cancer fibroblasts do not mutate and are in closer proximity to blood supply and lymphatics.  Our data suggests by targeting CAFs we may indeed be developing a “universally acting” cancer immunotherapy.”

FibroGenesis has filed intellectual property covering various fibroblast-based immunotherapies including: a) Cancer fibroblast immunotherapy; b) Fibroblast delivery of oncolytic viruses; c) Treatment of cancer cachexia with fibroblasts; and d) Chimeric antigen receptor expressing fibroblasts.

“Our ability to take fibroblast-based therapeutics from the science lab to clinical trials in an accelerated manner is driven by our expanding scientific base and understanding of fibroblasts,” remarked Pete O’Heeron, President/CEO of FibroGenesis. “Our ability to rapidly initiate and complete trials is due to the focus of Dr. Ichim and his team in understanding the biological mechanisms which make fibroblasts superior to stem cells”.

About FibroGenesis
Based in Houston, Texas, FibroGenesis is a regenerative medicine company developing an innovative solution for chronic disease treatment using human dermal fibroblasts. Currently, FibroGenesis holds 260 U.S. and international issued patents/patents pending across a variety of clinical pathways, including Disc Degeneration, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, Cancer, Diabetes, Liver Failure and Heart Failure. FibroGenesis represents the next generation of medical advancement in cell therapy.