Enjoying Today

In Creating Happiness by Barbara Jacoby

I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write about today and couldn’t think of a thing.  The day has been pretty quiet with just watching some TV and crocheting a blanket as a part of my volunteering as a Disney Blanketeer.  We make blankets for children in crisis and this has been a pet project of mine since the program was originally instituted in 1999.  So all in all, it just seemed to be another nice and relaxing time.

I started to assess the situation and realized that it was a whole lot more than that.  Although things have been going pretty well, I have no idea what tomorrow will bring.  I am not prone to get excited about politics any more as I don’t trust politicians.  I couldn’t get into the new legislation that is suppose to save our economy as it really is a matter of trying to free up the money from lending institutions for the hard working people who are trying to keep their personal lives and businesses afloat. 

As I see it, it will only be a matter of time until the next greedy person creates a situation to line his or her pockets with the help of our elected leaders.  But as a result of the recent economic situation, I do think that a lot of individuals are a whole lot wiser about what is going on in this country and that is a good thing.  And then I listen to the press output and become agitated all over again as we are fed the same old information that attacks the candidates for office rather than trying to help us with real information on the issues   But I do understand that ultimately, what I do and how I live is my own choice and that I cannot depend upon anyone else, including the government to help me.

I decided to reassess my day today and found that I am really very excited about the fact that Kirk had a really great performance last night with his comedy and that he and the other performers really made me laugh a lot which was good for the soul.  Our family and friends turned out for the performance and it was so much fun to see each other and go out together for breakfast after the show.  I am also very excited that the first of my reconstruction surgeries has been set for October 28th and I am really looking forward to it.  And I am very happy about how much work I got done today on that blanket.

I guess my lesson for the day is that I am not promised tomorrow and that I need to appreciate all of the wonderful opportunities that I have today.  I also am so fortunate to be able to share laughter and love with my family and friends.  I do have many wonderful things that I am anticipating to happen in the immediate future and all and all, this has been a pretty special day.  And I still have another weekend day to enjoy tomorrow.  How fortunate I am for all that I have and for the opportunity to make a wonderful day for myself today!  And hopefully I will have the chance to do the same thing tomorrow and for many more days to come.