Enjoy A Vacation

In Creating Happiness by Barbara Jacoby

In case you are not aware, the American worker puts in more hours on the job each week than the employees of any other country. And if you are fortunate enough to have been able to retain your job in this current financial situation, then you are probably like so many others who are afraid to take vacation time even if you are able to afford to do so. There is a fear that if you take time off, you might lose your job to someone else who is more dedicated.

I took a look at my own situation and realized that I have already accumulated 5 weeks of vacation and that number is growing. But I don’t feel like I can afford to take time off either financially or if I wish to take a chance at keeping my job in the long term. Therefore, I have come up with my own idea on how to best utilize that vacation time in these financially trying times.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you took a day off on a Saturday to sleep in – all day if you wanted? Or you took the time to lounge around and read and choose to do nothing else unless you wanted? I remember sleeping in, getting up around noon having a bite to eat and going back to bed for the rest of the afternoon. Then I would get up and shower and go out with some friends for the evening. Well, that is what I am proposing to do now and suggest that you do the same.

I have decided that we all deserve a break. We need to take a day off and do nothing. If you have children, perhaps you can arrange with a friend to watch the kids while you do nothing and then in exchange you will watch their children and give them a day off to do the same. It doesn’t have to cost anything as far as money is concerned but a day of mental health where you do absolutely nothing or relax or do something that you really enjoy for one entire day can’t be beat. Sleep in, read, crochet or knit, have a relaxing bubble bath, read, watch TV, walk around the mall, go to a movie, etc. but just give yourself a day off. You will be shocked at what a difference that break will make in your life.

If you are married or have a significant other, spend the day with that person. You don’t have to go anywhere. Sleep in and enjoy each other’s company all day long removed from the computers and cell phone and all interruptions. Share breakfast in bed and maybe order a little delivery of food from a local restaurant. Or plan ahead and secure all the items that you need to prepare a wonderfully romantic dinner together. You can’t ask for a better day.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to share a wonderful day with those that you love most. It doesn’t have to cost you money. A family can go to the park nearby and play together and take a picnic along to share. You can all stay at home and pop some popcorn and watch a movie together. You can play games in the yard and do a cookout. There are endless options where you can all share a fun day together and you will soon realize that there is nothing that is more relaxing and stress reducing than a day of play.

No matter what you do or not do and no matter with whom you share the time or if you spend it all by yourself, you need to take a break from everyone else and everything else and enjoy a vacation every now and then. And if you can afford to take a couple of days or a week, by all means, do so. You won’t regret it and will go back to your job all relaxed and refreshed.