Domestic Violence – Why I Stayed (LLH Talk Radio)

In Domestic Abuse News, LLH Talk Radio by Barbara Jacoby

LLH Talk logo blogBeing a victim of Domestic Violence people often ask the question “why did you stay”? I know that looking from the outside in that it is hard for others to comprehend the phenomenon of why a victim stays with their abuser. There are many factors involved. In this weeks show I will explain why I stayed in my abusive situation for 10 years and try to convey to you the mindset of the domestic abuse victim and why it is challenging to part ways with this toxic environment. 

Please feel free leave any helpful comments on this page.  I would love to share them on my show.  Hopefully your experiences will help others.

ORIGINAL AIR DATE:  Saturday Feb. 6 at 6 p.m. PST – 9 p.m. EST