Does the Spirit of Christmas Always Shine Through?

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At the beginning of this holiday season, we once again saw the many stories about people who did not believe in Christmas. In fact, they didn’t seem to believe in much of anything but their right to speak out against the beliefs of many others. They were so busy protesting the fact that many wanted to erect the yearly Nativity scene and that made them really angry. So they decided to protest about this and demanded equal space in all public areas to respond with their own “decorations”. This really made me sad. After all, Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s birth so if you don’t believe is Christ, why not just ignore it and celebrate the fact that you get a free vacation day?

I have seen more smiles on peoples’ faces and the exchanges of greetings than I have seen in recent times.Barbara Jacoby

It seemed to me that the protesting was increasing in intensity. More space was being given to protesting Christmas than was actually being used to place Christmas decorations. People were fighting with each other in the stores over merchandise. There were long lines of people staying out in the cold just to get a great price on the latest gadgets that the kids had to have for Christmas.  Everywhere you turned, a new story was being written about how the spirit of Christmas had been destroyed by commercialization and pricing wars.

But then a miracle happened. There was a story about a person who went to a local store and paid off the layaway accounts for a couple of families. The story about what had been done started to travel far and wide and pretty soon other people started to do the same in stores all around the country. All of a sudden, other people were talking about this spirit of giving and sharing for the holiday season.

More and more people started to do things to help friends and families and communities without the slightest desire to be identified or to receive great accolades for their generosity. I heard about how friends had gathered together to make a special holiday for families that were affected by tragedies everywhere. I saw the people showing up for the toy drives and giving as much as they possibly could. And I saw people everywhere contributing food and money so those who were less fortunate would not go hungry for the holidays.

Yes, the spirit of Christmas is back. I haven’t heard any more complaints about manger sightings or fighting in the store aisles. I have only heard one story after another about how people have been helping one another and sharing the true spirit of Christmas in any way that they can. I have seen one child after another contributing to a toy drive. I have seen children standing in lines with their parents to buy a gift for someone else.

I have seen more smiles on peoples’ faces and the exchanges of greetings than I have seen in recent times. And even though some people have to work up to the very last minute, they are still smiling and being friendly with the customers that they are helping. I guess that has led me to just one conclusion and that is that this is the best holiday season ever!!!  And I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I am sending lots of love and many hugs to all as you celebrate with your families and friends.