Dealing With the Side Effects of Breast Cancer Treatment

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Anyone who has watched television has most likely seen the ads for breast cancer drugs as presented on behalf of a drug manufacturer. You may have heard the announcer attempt to verbally mention all of them or you might have watch the endless scroll at the bottom of the screen that lists them all so quickly that it is impossible to read. And this is only for a single drug treatment! And while we can’t begin to imagine all of the side effects for the whole host of cancer treatments now on the market, the bigger question becomes how a person can deal with these issues if/when they are experienced.

No one is going to be more vested in your personal care and life more than you are so you should pursue all avenues available until you get what you need. Barbara Jacoby

I found a resource that provides an extensive list of what a person might want to try that covers a whole host of problems. Whether you are having difficulties with eating or sleeping or dealing with pain or any of a number of other situations, there are some things that you might want to try in order to improve your situation. And how about the mental toll that a cancer diagnosis may take on so many levels. No matter what the issue may be, you have options to identify assistance or guidance in order to deal with the situation.

Most people will immediately turn to the Internet in order to search for general help from the endless resources available there. For those dealing with specific problems arising as a result of their cancer treatments, many of the breast cancer survivor groups will have the most useful suggestions. As an example, you may want to know the side effects that others are experiencing who are taking the same medications that you have been prescribed. Or you might want to know the outcomes that others have experienced from a particular type of reconstruction after surgery. Such groups are also great for moral support when you are feeling down or just to remind you that you are not alone in dealing with your problems.

However, if you find that the help that you need is not as easy to find as asking another person who may have had the same experience, do yourself a favor and consult with members of your medical team. In the vast majority of cases, you are not the first patient that is dealing with your particular issue. Quite often the problem may be side effects from a medication that you are taking. Rather than just stopping the medication, you should immediately inform your doctor who can change the medication to another one for you. The most important thing to remember is that each of us is as unique as our fingerprints and so are our cancers. This is the reason why there are a variety of treatments and combinations of drugs that are prescribed for patients. For instance, a hormone therapy drug prescribed to me may cause no side effects but the very same drug when given to someone as close to me as my sister may produce side effects for her such as joint pain.

And we can’t forget the mental effects that result from a cancer diagnosis. Whether it may be how one deals with the fear of cancer and needs the assistance of a professional in this area or if it someone dealing with diminished abilities as a result of their chemotherapy treatments, there is help available. Your medical team can assist you with finding the resources that you may need in order to help you on any level. Such resources may also be needed for members of your family who are also ill equipped to deal with your cancer diagnosis. There is absolutely no difference in your needs whether they are for physical or mental purposes and you should avail yourself of all of the programs that you need as they are there for those specific purposes.

The side effects of cancer and its treatments are vast and patients should put themselves in the best position possible to deal with their individual needs. You have the right and opportunity to access a great variety of resources in order to live the best life possible. If your medical team does not assist you with your issues then you should seek care elsewhere. No one is going to be more vested in your personal care and life more than you are so you should pursue all avenues available until you get what you need. After all, it is your life and you only have one of them.