Organization created to offer affordable pathway to Complementary Alternative Medicine services

In In The News by Barbara Jacoby was created to offer access with an affordable pathway to Complementary Alternative Medicine services for the CAM consumer. It provides a way for a CAM provider’s patients/clients to access their services above what traditional insurance may allow. provides individuals who may want to try CAM modalities as part of their health and wellness lifestyle. We know and understand that traditional insurance company policies offer limited or no access to several of the CAM modalities that are important and helpful in the health and wellbeing of many people. According to 2007 statistics 38.3% of adults in the Untied States use some form of CAM services (roughly 88 million people). That figure translates to 4 out of every 10 adults. Over 33 billion dollars was spent out of pocket by CAM consumers for services and products.

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There has been wonderful interest from several cancer centers and rehabilitation organizations across the nation as well as Naturopaths, Lifestyle Medicine, and Integrative Medicine providers. Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, Energy Medicine, Nutritionists, and Meditation professionals that we have heard from want to learn more about our program. Overall, we have received positive feedback thus far and look forward to hearing from people and their experiences.

It was/is very important to us to make portable such that our members may use any credentialed or certified provider of their choice anywhere nationwide. CamCare is about choice and placing that choice into the hands of the consumer.

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