CAKESbody On a Mission to Create Solutions for Breast Cancer Patients

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Guest Blog By: Nicole Kaspari – CAKES Body – Contact Nicole:

“Cancer is traumatic enough. Every little thing helps, even some CAKES! No matter the age, every woman deserves to look and feel good!” – Breast cancer survivor & CAKES customer.

In January 2022, CAKESbody launched a silicone nipple cover intended to be an alternative to those pesky pad inserts in sports bras, tops & swimwear. Very quickly after launch, breast cancer patients began reaching out to us with their raving reviews and calling CAKES “life changing.” Several of these women graciously shared their story with us.

“I only hope that even in something this small, I can give back and help breast cancer patients around the worldBarbara Jacoby

One woman had a nipple-sparing mastectomy and was left with nerve damage leaving her nipples in a constant state of “NFO” (nipple freak out). She tried CAKES, which not only helped cover her uneven nipples, but were gentle enough for her sensitive post-radiation skin. Another woman had flap reconstruction after single mastectomy leaving her nipples to prominently show how unsymmetrical her breasts were. CAKES helped make them look symmetrical and made her feel good. And finally, another woman had her nipples taken during surgery which was not planned. Not only was this mentally tough for her, but physically she had trouble healing, which left her with uneven scars that dip in. She uses CAKES to cover her entire scar and give her a smooth look, providing a huge daily confidence boost!

Does any of this sound familiar? You are not alone! So many women are experiencing similar situations. You deserve to look and feel good! After hearing the stories from these women and realizing how little is on the market for breast cancer patients, we here at CAKESbody are on a mission to continue creating solutions that we hope will help! While I myself have not had cancer, my nine-year-old son is a cancer survivor and I have been forever grateful for the power of the cancer community. I only hope that even in something this small, I can give back and help breast cancer patients around the world. Remember, you are not alone! We at CAKESbody stand beside you. Get your confidence back; you deserve to look and feel good!

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