Breast Cancer Through a Man’s Eyes

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Morgan James’s new release, They Took My Wife’s Breast by Ken Olive, explains the impact a breast cancer diagnosis has on a woman’s husband. Sharing his own experience standing alongside his wife on her journey, Ken offers readers a man’s point of view on the disease and its effects.

A breast cancer diagnosis changes a woman’s life in an instant. Shock, fear, and sadness are just some of the emotions she will face. When Ken Olive’s wife, Phyllis, was diagnosed, he felt all these things right along with her. As Phyllis dealt with countless tests, chemotherapy, a single mastectomy, and more, Ken knew the only way they would get through this was together. He vowed to be her advocate, teammate, and supporter as she fought and ultimately overcame the disease that claims the lives of so many. Through Ken’s recounting of their journey, They Took My Wife’s Breast provides a unique, often unheard perspective of breast cancer-that of the men it secondarily affects.

Statistics show that one in eight women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in their life-time. Beyond fear of the disease and its side effects, women often struggle with many other things when they are diagnosed, such as self-image from losing their hair and sometimes breasts, fear of not being able to care for her family, and concern over how her partner will handle the situation. They Took My Wife’s Breast addresses many of these concerns, as Ken explains how he and Phyllis tackled them as a team.

Through Ken’s story, women can learn what their partner is thinking throughout their journey. Also, men can learn what to expect, and how to support the woman they love as they face the hardest battle of their life. Written in a conversational, candid tone, They Took My Wife’s Breast gives readers a more realistic and less clinical understanding of cancer, and how it affects the lives and families of those diagnosed. With honesty and vulnerability, Ken Olive inspires strength, perseverance, and hope in women fighting breast cancer and in the families supporting them.

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About the Author: Ken Olive is a family man who has been married forty-one years to his high school sweetheart, Phyllis. He has two married children with two adorable granddaughters and resides in the college town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Ken is the broker and owner of RE/MAX Premiere Group, a well-respected real estate company with thirty associates. He enjoys work, fishing, and vacations with the family at Seaside, Florida.

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They Took My Wife’s Breast by Ken Olive, will be released by Morgan James Publishing on September 25, 2018. They Took My Wife’s Breast-ISBN 978-1683508328—has 150 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $16.95.

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