Breast Cancer: A Survivor’s Story

In Inspirational Stories by Barbara Jacoby

By Ellen S. Abramson

pamela dern feature“Before my heart attack I attended a benefit luncheon for cancer.  It was hosted by a good friend and neighbor Pamela,  (Pamela Dern) a very special and courageous breast cancer survivor.  One of the speakers was Fran Drescher, a cancer survivor herself.  She said that cancer was a “present wrapped up in an ugly package.”  For some reason, her words struck a chord with me and never left my head.  I reflected on those words after my heart attack and they have proved to be true.

Life is different these days.  My heart attack was such a wake-up call to me.  I start each day by looking at a card sent to me from the hospital.  The card is signed by most of the staff that saved my life. Because their excellent care enabled me to live, I feel so grateful to each and every one of them.  An invitation to celebrate my 52nd birthday was sent to all who assisted in my medical care.  Now, instead of dreading birthdays, I celebrate them.  After reading my hospital note, I thank God and pray.  Before my heart attack I would pray if I was worried about something, or just in case.  Now I pray often and thank God for my lifelive dance book 2
and everything in it.”

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