A Special Birthday Tribute

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This week is my husband Kirk’s birthday.  For those who are regular visitors here, you know that he is responsible for this website but in addition, he is the light of my life.  I don’t know how I could have gotten through so many tough times, not the least of which has been my cancer battles.  And I can’t begin to tell you how being able to share all of the fun times have been so greatly enhanced by having him with me.  So, what could I ever begin to find in the way of a present to give to someone so special on his very special day?

I have pondered this question for some time now and came up with absolutely, positively no idea.  I couldn’t imagine any mall having anything that would be special enough.  I couldn’t seem to think of anything that was a bit outside of the box.  But, finally, as I started to wake up this morning, I finally got an inspiration that I believe is special enough for him and something that will last forever.  Please let me share.

I have been working for some time on the concept for a second website.  I know what it is that it will represent and I know that those who are my friends both in person and online are exactly the people who will understand its purpose when all is ready.  I am not quite at the point where I want to reveal what the site is about but when it is ready, you will know to what I was referring when you see “the fish”.

How does this fit with Kirk’s birthday present?  Well, the new site is going to be dedicated to him as my special way of acknowledging all that he is and all that he gives all of the time.  At this point, he does know the concept and meaning of this site and the foundation from which it was conceive.  Therefore, he will understand that this gift to him is the greatest tribute that I can possibly give to him.

So on this very special day, there are no presents with great big bows or “things” that I have purchased just so that I have something to give to you.  As time goes by, I hope that the gift that I give to you this year will be one of the most memorable of all times. 

Okay, it is not tickets to a Notre Dame football game in South Bend and I know that I have to work out some other exciting things for next year so I’d better get started now.  But, long after the coming college football season is over and your favorite birthday shirt is in tatters from wear, I really hope that this lasting tribute to you will be the start of a legacy that you will be proud to have inspired.  And I truly hope that this is your best birthday ever, to date, and I wish you the realization of all of your dreams in the coming year.

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