You Have Breast Cancer But You Are Not Alone

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Perhaps the toughest thing that happens when you receive a breast cancer diagnosis is that you feel all alone. You are in shock and can’t believe that this is actually happening to you. And while no one else can take away your cancer and the treatments that you will need to undertake, not only will you have a whole team of medical professionals available to you but also the access to so many other women who have also dealt with their own similar journeys.

Regardless of the issues with which you are dealing, there is support and sharing among others who have also gone through their own breast cancer journey. Barbara Jacoby

There is always a great emphasis on finding and working with the right medical team who will advise you and guide you in choosing what they believe are the best choices for your personal medical journey and this should always be a priority when deciding what works best for you on an entirely personal level. But, it is equally important that you know that you are not alone in having received your diagnosis and that you have an endless amount of resources available to you to help you on so many levels.

Most of us have heard about those women diagnosed with breast cancer who have a very public presence in our lives because of their work in various aspects of the media. But, what I wanted to share with you is an article that I found wherein a number of these very well known women have shared how their breast cancer journey changed their lives in some most positive ways. And they are not alone. Over the years, I have found that such is the case for just about all of the breast cancer survivors that I know. You don’t have to look for a support group in your community where you need to go in order to attend a meeting. You can find public and private groups everywhere on the Internet for help and support in just about any area imaginable.

Regardless of the issues with which you are dealing, there is support and sharing among others who have also gone through their own breast cancer journey. And while no two cases are exactly the same, you can find a sharing community that will suit your needs and desires. Whether you are looking for inspiration to just keep on going or help with regard to knowing what to discuss at your doctors’ appointments, you can find it. If you are dealing with problems with your medications and want to know about similar experiences of others or want to know what options you may have in breast reconstruction after surgery, you can find it.

Of course, each person’s experiences will be different and your medical decisions should be made when you and the professional with whom you are consulting are in agreement. And while you may be given information with regard to the medical aspects of what is happening and what will occur, there are so many other matters and decisions that you will need to make for which guidance from other survivors may be your very best option. Whether it is how to talk to the children or when and how to tell your family about the diagnosis, there is help. If you need guidance with regard to dealing with your employer regarding how to cover for your time away from the job or how you can best deal with drain tubes after surgery, there is help. If it is knowing about what you might want to gather for clothing to wear after surgery or figuring out how best to deal with your daily chores, there is help. All you need to do is to ask.

Regardless of what you need on a personal basis and whether you find yourself totally alone or surrounded by lots of family, friends and associates, you will most likely find that those with whom you choose to interact online will be a premiere source of help and guidance for you as they have already experienced many of the very same things that you are about to face. In fact, you will most likely be given more help and guidance than you actually want but most importantly, you will never feel that you are alone on your journey when you interact with others who have already experienced what you are about to face. But, the help that you receive may just be some of the most important information and suggestions that you will ultimately need so don’t hesitate to ask for it. You will be glad that you did.