You Are Not Alone: Share Your Medical Industry Issues On Let Life Happen – Update

In Dealing with Medical Industry Issues by Barbara Jacoby

It has been nearly a year since I created this new module on my website with the following announcement.

“Over the nearly last 15 years since the first blog was posted on the Let Life Happen website, much has grown, changed and evolved and it is once again time to assist our breast cancer support community with an update. Based upon what has apparently become the primary issues among survivors in the last several years, the support and answers that they are seeking from the medical community are not available. Too many patients are being turned away with so many unresolved issues that I have decided to find a way to help and have thereby created a new module on my site.

Please understand that this is, as always, a point of information and inspiration and is never, ever a place to receive advice. This will be a place for you to share your own personal stories and pieces that you would like to provide. You may give your own personal testimonials and tips and things that you have learned along the way that may help others.

The process will be that you write your story, article, etc. and submit it to me for review and posting. To help streamline the process, I will write and post the first one on the site to serve as a template to help you. Please know that if you have any question before, during or after a submission, you can always send me an email at barbara@letlifehappen. com and I hope that you will always remember that You Are Not Alone unless that is your choice as with everything else.”

However, this endeavor has not turned out as I had hoped. Over time, it has basically become my writing a second blog post for publication every Wednesday. Since that is not my desire, I will cease to continue in this manner and go back to the original intent until I can find a better use for this space. In the interim, I will post anything that I may find that may be of special importance and application to this site and if you have any ideas or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let me know. And as always, gratitude to those who contributed to this project and anyone who may have benefitted from what has been shared.