Wind Down Week

In Creating Happiness by Barbara Jacoby

Every year, the holiday season comes and goes so very quickly and each year I promise myself that I am not going to have that happen again without enjoying the season to its fullest.  To that end, I have officially declared the coming week to be Wind Down Week wherein I will complete every non-holiday project that I can and anything that does not get done will have to wait until next year.  Let me explain how this will work.

I have a holiday tradition that actually starts on Thanksgiving.  Every year, I put up all of the Christmas decorations including the tree (artificial now that I live in Southern CA and everything dries out so quickly) before Thanksgiving.  Then on Thanksgiving night, I light the tree and the candles in the windows to inaugurate the holiday season and enjoy the pumpkin pie while watching “Miracle on 34th Street” and “White Christmas”. 

Now this is a great start to the season.  However, by the next day, it is back to normal with doing the housework, cleaning closets, reorganizing everything to accommodate the empty boxes that hold the decorations, etc.  But, it is my belief that if I eliminate a lot of these non-holiday activities, I will be able to do holiday things that I have not done for years.

Due to time constraints each year, partly which result from a full-time job, I have been shopping online for everyone’s gifts.  Now while I will still do some of that this year and will use the internet to search for ideas, I need to return to the malls and enjoy the beautiful decorations  and all of the music that is played and seeing the faces of the little children as they stand in line to visit Santa and tell him about their special wishes. That is all a part of putting me into the mood of the season.  A part of this fun experience is also enjoying a bite to eat at a local restaurant afterward so I will also make arrangements to do that, too, most likely with my husband or with a special friend, if Kirk is not available. 

Now, I don’t mind a little hustle and bustle but taking into account that that might be more than I would want to deal with on a weekend, I have scheduled a couple of vacation days away from work for just this kind of activity.  I also plan to use some of that time to do something else that I haven’t done for years and that is to bake Christmas cookies.  The wonderful smells coming from the kitchen from doing the baking while playing lots of holiday music really lifts my spirits and adds to the sense of accomplishment when the job is done and I look at all of my fine masterpieces.

My weekends at home will be spent doing some online shopping, making lists of gifts for family and friends, writing our holiday greetings and ordering our meals to be delivered while watching holiday movies the whole time.  My goal is to enjoy the season and that includes a greater focus than ever on giving to those who feed the poor, to support our local stores and restaurants in these tough economic times and to give special gifts to my family and friends that have been either carefully made or selected and that were chosen from the heart.  Yes, I am sure that this will be the best holiday season ever.

How will you enjoy the holiday season? COMMENTS