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oscarsAs I sit here watching the first of many pre-Oscar shows, I couldn’t help but wonder why I was drawn to this event.  I really don’t care who wins those statuettes as I think that is more important for the industry people making the decisions about who they want to hire for their next movies.  I will watch the opening for the pure enjoyment of it but from there it is the parade of the winners giving the same speeches that we have heard forever.  So then, why do I always join in to all of pre-shows leading up to the biggest red carpet of the year?  It’s the fashion.

I love all of the clothes, not that I would ever have to worry about picking out a dress like any of those on the red carpet.  I guess it is more an interest in the designs, the colors and the trends for the season.  And of course, hair and makeup provides a great preview for the coming season, as well.  For instance, I just learned that big hair is a current trend according to the show that I am now watching.  Let’s see how that actually translates to what we see on the red carpet later today.  And it is amazing to learn all of the “tricks” that we are shown to include how to make your own exfoliates for your face and lips, how to remove dark circles, how to enlarge the appearance of your breasts and how to keep your dress covering all important parts.

But I also love to watch the shows today because they give me a complete break from reality, even if it is only for a few hours.  After months and months of economic matters on our minds, the wars being waged all over the world, all of the children that keep disappearing only for us to learn that they were taken by abusers and in many cases have lost their lives and the stresses of everyday life and work, I love the break.  I love the glitz and the glamour and being able to watch the beautiful creations that will be shown as well as to see the really bad choices that some of the stars will make because it shows us that no one is perfect and we all can make mistakes, even in fashion when you have what are suppose to be the best designers in the industry creating what is suppose to be the perfect gown.

It is fun to watch the shows in my sweats or pajamas, if I choose, or go to a party with lots of friends who are also enjoying the event.  There are no rules regarding how to share or not share the award shows.  And it is always nice to know that tomorrow and all next week, we will be able to watch more programming that will feature lots of discussions regarding what each person was wearing and who were the “best dressed” and “worst dress” and see whether we are in agreement.

I am sure that everyone has their own reasons for watching or not watching the Oscars and I would really like to hear those reasons.  Share Your comments and let me know why you do or don’t tune in.  Thanks for your input as I would really like to know.

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