Cancer Hero Stories Told By Family and Friends

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  1. Von Monday

    Growing up as the youngest in my family I inherited the ways of resiliency really fast. With my parents both in house taking cares of my three other siblings and I, lessons were often as much as love knowledge and wisdom were passes around. Being a quote on quote “mamas boy” I looked to my mother and got alot of cues from here. One think I noticed about her was she loved hard she cared for others even more than herself above all she never gave up! Accompanied by my fathers strength knowledge and wisdom they set us children off on a path of selflessness care education and love. My mothers suffered from a rare kids cancer. My parents knew years ahead what they were draling with as my mother slowly but surely lost hair as she fought had many chemotherapy sessions and even had to get bones removed. I remember and still to this day play in my mind how my father told me to be thankful for even the smallest things in life, saying so he was referring to being able to have free flow(urinating). Something most people take for granted anf dont even think about. At the age of ten I watched my mothers life slowly fade away from here as I sat in and around the hospital bed as she was surrounded by family. I realized long ago that God blessed me to be able to witness true strength love family and many more things. My mother left behind so much split into pieces in all of the loved ones she knew. Although she did not survive in her body she survived through me. Being able to give encouragement and support is what I feel she has given me so I wanted to share with others a song in the link below. God Bless.

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