The Spirit of Easter

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Something special seems to happen every year when Easter arrives. The focus on furry bunnies and fuzzy ducks and lots of candy always puts a smile on everyone’s face. Just the idea of the kids running around looking for treats at the seasonal Easter egg hunt can elicit delight from even the saddest people. So what is really at work here?

As we begin to prepare for the coming work week, let’s all make a decision to take the spirit of the holiday right into and through the coming week.Barbara Jacoby

Well, if you ask me, it is Spring. Everything about this holiday represents a rebirth. For those who are Christians, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the source of this celebration. But, at this time of the year when the seasons have changed and the trees start to bloom again, we see a rebirth in nature as well. The flowers are showing their beautiful colors and the grass is already green in most areas. And if you are fortunate enough to live in the warmer climates, the coats and sweaters have been packed away and the sun is warming everyone to their core. It is the time of the year that poets write about love and the young at heart.

I think that this is the time of the year that we should all think about having our own personal rebirth. Why not get rid of the depression of the cold winter months and shed any doom and gloom that is still attached to us and let loose with a walk in the park or a run through the puddles in the rain. Let’s leave behind all of the drudgery of the cold and icy days and free our spirits to soar with the birds. This seems like the perfect time, too, to reconsider those New Year’s resolutions and either resurrect them with a renewed spirit or just ditch them permanently.

As for my own personal choices, bring on the chocolate bunnies and the marshmallow peeps and the peanut butter eggs. Let’s have our traditional Easter egg roll with the hard boiled eggs on Easter morning and have them as part of our usual holiday breakfast. Let’s have the awesome celebratory dinner late in the afternoon so that there is still time for the little Easter pastries that have been procured for dessert. Let’s watch the Charlie Brown holiday special with the rest of the family and laugh at the same silly things that we laugh at every year. But, at the end of the evening this year, let’s do something a little different.

As we begin to prepare for the coming work week, let’s all make a decision to take the spirit of the holiday right into and through the coming week. When things start to get tough, think about the cute bunnies that filled your holiday and how they made you smile. When someone starts to make the day a little harder, think about the children running around the yard with pure abandon. And if you are like me, take a little stash of your leftover candy and put it in your desk drawer. That way when tempers start to flare or things start to get stressful, you might be surprised how a few jellybeans can completely change your mood. And when time allows, make a dash for the door at break time or lunch time and get outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. It will do wonders to lift your spirits and can turn your day completely around.

And if all fails, just remember that as soon as the work day is over, you still have plenty of sunshine and daylight to enjoy and share with family and friends. Let’s just hold on to that holiday spirit for as long as possible and if we really work at it, perhaps we can just keep it going until Spring and Easter return again next year.