The Passage of Time

In Creating Happiness by Barbara Jacoby

I just realized that it is Saturday and I haven’t written a blog for this week!  Where did the time go?  It was really busy at work, the economic situation grabbed a lot of my attention, I was working on a special project for someone, the football games have been riveting and the new season of primetime television programs have begun.  And there is the never-ending health issues and doctor appointments to deal with. No wonder it is Saturday and I had completely lost track of time.

I am not really happy with myself for the time that I have devoted to the political issues.  I have watched hours and hours of news programming, listening to everyone talk about what the candidates meant when they said certain things.  Then there are the pot shots taken at all of them and the jokes that are being made of each of them that are based solely on pushing a political affiliation.  All the while, I haven’t heard much from the candidates themselves and when they do have the opportunity to speak out, their comments and commentary have to be basically of little or no substance because everyone knows that each word and sentence and thought will be twisted and turned to the point of being totally unrecognizable.  So I have finally decided that I am not going to hear what I need to hear in order to make an educated decision and I will not waste another minute of my good time on this matter.

Next is the economic situation.  Here again I have watched and watched what was happening in this country over the last several months and am constantly reminded about the fact that so many people that have power abuse it because they are greedy.  They know what they are doing and how it will hurt others but they think that they are smart enough to get away with what they are doing and there will  be no consequences and they will have accumulated a pile of money – and they are right.  Our leaders in government are doing the same thing with their audacity in thinking that they have the economic knowledge to handle the situation and have no desire to embrace the assistance of economists who have studied these issues for a lifetime.  It comes down to whether it is the Democrats or the Republicans who get the job done and it is necessary to put a plan into place immediately so that their candidate can get voted into office in order to grab the power for the next four year.  It doesn’t matter what the long-term effects are since they don’t care about “the people”.   It is all about their individual power so I have spent more than enough time on this issue as well.

That leaves me with working, helping others, enjoying a great football game, catching up on my favorite TV shows and looking out after my health.  Now that is a list that I think is perfect for me.  I don’t know where I went wrong in spending so much time and energy on the other issues but I sure am glad that I finally got out of that rut and can spend all of my energy on lots of positive activity for myself.