The New Face of Breast Cancer Care

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I have written before  about my own cancer care from diagnosis to forever as I called it. I had the best team of medical providers from the start except for the oncologist who I quickly replaced and then had the best one of those as well. All I had to do is ask where to go and when to be there and I could never have asked for a better experience. But, for me, and just about every other cancer survivor, that has all changed  in such a short time.

“Not only must we continue to do our research but also we must use our personal discernment to decide what may be the best for us individually. Barbara Jacoby

All I have to do is look at my website and emails every day to see a whole new landscape. And I can’t help but note all of the questions and comments that I see in such areas as private communities that are sharing on Facebook. People are no longer trusting their doctors and pharmaceutical companies and for many have not even been able to get the answers from their own doctors if they are fortunate enough to get a response at all. As a result, there is so much fear and anxiety that is driving the narrative rather than answers.

While this may be a place to start looking for guidance,we must remember that what is good or works for one person may not work for you. Our individual cancers are as distinct one from the others as our fingerprints. A perfect example is the treatment that my sister and I received as an aromatase inhibitor after regular treatments were done (which were also very distinct from each other that were for the same type and grade of tumors). While she is successfully using the generic brand of one of them, I had excruciating joint pain with the same one. However, when I was switched to the brand name of the same drug, I had no problems. The explanation I was given was that it was the fillers used in the manufacturing of each of them.

Therefore, even in the best of times, there are no easy answers. Not only must we continue to do our research but also we must use our personal discernment to decide what may be the best for us individually. We all face many different options from everywhere and ultimately we must make the ultimate decisions. Peace of mind is everything as we make these choices. For me, it was ultimately the answers that I received from my God that resonated with me when I turned to His guidance and perhaps the same will be for you if you choose to ask Him.